Well almost everybody!  Why Gin with Tonic, perhaps you wouldn’t believe it, but there is a scientific reason why they are so good together according to US website Thrillist  HERE

For me personally it was always a grown up drink, my friends parents (ex RAF father) who I thought were terribly elegant and ate cake with a cake fork instead of picking up, as I found out the hard way.  Anyway, every day when the Father came home, Mother was very excited to see him, told him to get changed and then they both sat in the conservatory and had a large G&T, I think that was she was more excited about the Gin as she largely ignored him the rest of the time, anyway as usual I digress.  In my 20’s and 30’s I wasn’t aware of my circle of friends drinking G & T or maybe just one or two of them maybe, and it seemed always to be the last thing left at the end of party.

Which takes me up until the 2000’s and I started to go on holiday with my sister & brother in law and my two nephews,  because she’s a travel agent we got to some pretty spectacular places, but as we have both have always been travellers and not tourists, we have always steered away from touristy spots and stayed in very basic accommodation to get a better flavour of life as a local. This is where I have seen the universal appeal of a Gin & Tonic, however far off the beaten track, a remote island, a bar that takes a long trek through the jungle/rainforest/African savannah/boat journey can serve you a perfect G & T as an accompaniment to an amazing sunset or view.

I really have to be honest here although everyone has told me I will have a G & T moment at some point in my life, I still haven’t! But as friends and family and those with impeccable taste vouch for Lytham Gin, I feel authentic talking about it.

I’m not sure when the Gin revolution began, but it did and it’s here with a vengeance with literally rows and rows of Gins in the supermarkets and bottle shops. Why is it SO popular, here are some theories from the European Bartender School

Image from European Bartender School website

Most places have their own Gins small batch distilleries. Of course, I’m biased but Lytham has one of the best and this is borne out by the multiple (and global) awards they have won, so many awards, they are going to need a bigger shelf!

Lytham Gin logo

So as it’s has recently been the Lytham 1940’s weekend, I thought we’d go down the route of Classic Cocktails, some of which were invented long before the 1940’s

Lytham Gin

See them at local Food Fairs and Christmas Markets too. See more about the distillery, tours and tastings and where to buy at link below