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They’ve come a long way baby!! Created in 2018 by Sara Dewhurst aided by husband Paul the ORIGINAL 1st Small Batch of Craft Distilled Lytham Gin, it’s a London Dry Gin (so named because of the distillation method) made with 10 other botanicals as well as the juniper berries.

But that was just the start, now in 2022 with their own distillery, tasting bar and function space, and whole family of Gins, Rums and Liqueurs and are regular winners and finalists for prestigious global awards such as  and  

Lytham Gin Family  

Another string to their bow is Contact Distilling for your business, hotel, restaurant or as a promotional tool. Two notable Gins have been a version of the Purple Gin, Passionately Purple which has help Rotary clubs raise money to help End Polio and special edition using the gardens special ingredients for the Centenary of Lowther Pavilion Theatre and Gardens.

Available at the Distillery in Lytham at Stringers and Booths (county wide), also being served at the BEST bars, restaurants, theatre & golf club, make sure you ask for it! Also check out link for the distillery tours, mini and longer tasting events, or to use their function space, with the best bar ever! 

Of course it’s also available on line and make sure you browse the rest of what Sandgrown have on offer.

Sara herself has won and been nominated for Enterprise Vision awards

Read about Sara, self confessed Chemistry Geek HERE

lytham Gin Golf club

I do wonder whatever is next for Sara and Sandgrown, so you better watch this space or subscribe to their website for special offers and up front info. If you want to stock in your establishment, or have a special Gin made for you they would be more than happy to chat

Here’s Sara and Paul taking time off

sara and paul of Lytham Gin










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