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No-one knows what the future holds

No-one knows what the future holds

On Lytham High Street, Countrywide LFA offer Financial, Legal and Accounting Solutions for your family and for your business Have your wishes carried out. We all hope that we can look forward to a happy and healthy future, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case....

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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing  – Grief

Health, Beauty & Wellbeing – Grief

Probably the most real & raw blog about Grief (written by local holistic therapist, Claire Himsworth) Grief - The price you pay for a life full of love I thought I knew about grief and that I understood it. That profound sadness for a loss of something that you...

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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing – Just Good Friends

Health, Beauty & Wellbeing – Just Good Friends

Let me introduce you to Just Good Friends. JGF is a charity which was established 8 years ago in 2012 and whose primary aim is to combat loneliness and isolation. JGF is passionate about changing lives by changing loneliness and isolation to happiness and inclusion....

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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing – Berry’s Beds

Health, Beauty & Wellbeing – Berry’s Beds

We all know that sleep is ESSENTIAL to our Health & Wellbeing, and the recommended amount is approx 8 hours a night but that is only a guideline and we all know people or family members that need much more, or are up and functioning after 5 hours, We know what we...

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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing – Little Voices

Health, Beauty & Wellbeing – Little Voices

  Although the worlds a little crazy at the minute, Little Voices have continued to stay positive! With the current circumstances we have been delighted to continue to deliver Performing Arts tuition using our virtual classes throughout every Lockdown!  At Little...

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