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New Therapies for Lytham

Life in Balance What does it mean to relax? It does mean different things to different people, but for me it is getting away from the home, from family or from anything that detracts from switching off COMPLETELY! It would of course be lovely if we could go to a spa...

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How to ‘Survive’ Lytham Festival 2019

OK, survival may be a bit extreme, as you know Lytham Festival is like no other, no need for baby wipes, dry shampoo or using Eco -toilets. I’m a lady (of a certain age) and if I can do 5 nights, anyone can. You only live once, fill it with amazing experiences. The...

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Shopping for Men

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash It's ALWAYS difficult to buy for men, unless he has a hobby or is into fitness. So instead of some head scratching or buying a HMV voucher, or worse even SOCKS, here is a little inspiration and there is a feel good factor too you...

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Long Haul vs Short Hop?

That IS the question. Travel Counsellor Claire get asked this a lot, and as with all holidays, it is all down to what YOU want and how to get maximum benefit for what is probably the largest expense in your year. 'It’s easier with kids to go short haul' some parents...

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The Science Of Staying Organized

I can take absolutley NO credit for this other than my original blog DE-CLUTTER & DO GOOD! reached the American Shores and was picked up by John Linden who is an interior designer based in Los Angeles, California. His design studio is a nationally recognized designer...

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

It's HARD to DEFINE One of the strangest relationships seems to be that with your hairdresser, lets, face it, in some cases, they are not JUST a hairdresser/stylist, they tend to be a friend-confidant – advisor – councillor – big brother/sister – all rolled into one,...

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All you need is LOVE ……..

......and a few ideas!!! As Valentines Day is approaching FAST you may need some ideas. Not going to get  into 'Why not show your love all year round' debate. It is commercial, but it also symbolic and forget it at your peril! Is this day and age OF COURSE there is...

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De-Clutter & Do Good!

I originally wrote this after Xmas, but as the year has gone on, my thoughts are still the same or maybe even more determined to do what ever I can to recycle, re purpose and re use, and if it can go to a charity or helping someone else, so much the better!! Too much...

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