Who's Who In Lytham & St Annes?

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People are intrinsically interested in other people.

This page celebrates and highlights the people that either live locally, run a business locally, who have a connection with Lytham and St Annes… or just have a blooming great story to tell!

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Steve Garrill

Andrew O’Neill

Skilled Tradesman 


Steve Garrill

Danielle Merricks

Fine Tattoo Artist 

Years in love with Art

Steve Garrill

Andrew Whitaker

Global Hotelier  

Asian Countries worked in

Steve Garrill

Annette Brown

School of Hypnotherapy 
NLP and Coaching

Therapies Skilled In

Sara Dewhurst

Sara Dewhurst

Truly Sandgrown 


Mike Broadhurst Lytham Optometrist

Mike Broadhurst

Lytham Optometrist

Years in Eye Care

Steve Garrill

Steve Garrill

The North West Way 


Steve Garrill

Emma Ball

Stairway to Happiness



Joy Chatters

Joy Chatters

The First Lady of Lytham…Rotary.

Members Worldwide (Billions)

Mark Potter of Woodlands Funerals

Mark Potter

Funeral Director
Professionalism, caring nature, spirituality and empathy at a time when you need it.


Dignity in your time of need

Colin Ballard Town Crier


Town Crier
Oyez!  Oyez!  I officially declare the Who’s Who page open…

Weight of Bell

Georgia Shiels Rally Driver

Georgia Shiels

Rally Driver
“If someone had told me that I was going to be a Novice Forest Rally Champion I would never have believed them!”

Age at 1st drive

Cheryl Little

Cheryl Little

St Annes Mayor 2016 & St Annes Town & Fylde Borough Councillor 

Years on the Council

Jakki Hatton of Travel Counsellors

Countries Travelled To

Jakki Hatton

Travel Counsellor
Where will your travels (and Jakki) take you?

Lucy Kay Opera Singer

Lucy Kay

Britian’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell and Colllabro.  Read Lucy’s answers to a Q&A session.

Judges say YES

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