We obviously have a LOT of talented people in the Fylde Coast area, as well as having a plethora of amazing photographers, famous celebs, and brilliant artists, we also have more than our fair share of authors!!!

Here is a run down & maybe some gift ideas too!

For Kids

The Snots Lytham Author Phil Walker

Phil Walker, a local comedian, recently turned his hand to writing and come up with the totally disgusting concept of The Snots, which obviously children find delightful, he found an illustrator Tim Stead and the rest is history!

Phil & Tim have also been to local schools to read out loud to the delighted kids! If you have Twitter check out Phil’s account as currently having the story read out by tv celebs & comedians  HERE

Available on Amazon, at Waterstones and Plackitt & Booth in Lytham

‘Self Help’ Books

For some one who needs comfort & hope

From local young lady Emma Ball who has overcome grieving and loss, an eating disorder, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), severe anxiety and severe depression and wanted to share her journey as so as others could to. It’s an individual journey, but by facing small, manageable, achievable daily actions can help on your stairway

Currently available in a ‘Pink’ and a ‘Blue’ version, Emma is also working on a Children’s edition too.

Available at stairwaytohappiness.

stairway to Happiness Lytham Author Emma Ball

For anyone that needs a little ‘push’

The Success Journal written & compiled by Lytham Hypnotherapist & Trainer Annette Brown.

The Success Journal provides you with various tools and techniques for making permanent and positive changes to your life, including free MP3s and video. It gives ways to change your mind to create a new way of thinking. You’ll learn how to control your mind, rather than allowing your mind to control you. It will prepare you to become empowered to be the best you can be! You’ll learn how to create accountability for your life. You’ll find new ways of rooting new productive habits to simplify, to focus on what’s important, and to build the life you want.

Available through website thesuccessjournal.co.uk/

.The Success Journal Lytham Author Annette Brown

Factual Books

For an active friend

Steve Garrill, a local (now fully retired) teacher took up walking as a means of getting fit after a bad back! The North West Way written 6 year ago takes in 205 miles of beautiful Lancashire & Cumbria and takes in the BEST scenery in the North West. See Steve’s Who’s Who Profile HERE 

Book available from http://www.trailguides.co.uk/the-north-west-way/p50 and Plackitt & Booth on Lytham High Street

north west way walking book

A heart warming story

An abandoned hound was struggling to survive, thankfully he found a loving family …..Walter – The Lytham Legend

Walter The Lytham Legend Local Authors

Plus a great new follow up book now available –  Walter, Life is an Adventure

Both available on Amazon HERE and in Room on Lytham High Street, plus follow his adventures on Facebook and LOTS of fabulous photos too

For Local History Lovers

Why North Pier? Well it was the first to be opened in Blackpool in 1863 and was therefore there even before the Tower (completed in 1894) this book by local historian and heritage photographer Juliette Gregson

Over 20,000 visitors came to its opening in 1863, and the Victorian pier continues to attract crowds to this day. Featuring many never-before-seen photographs, this book illustrates the history of this outstanding example of seaside piers, and is sure to bring back cherished memories for all who have enjoyed a turn on this iconic pier. Available on Amazon HERE 

Watch out too for Juliette’s next tome on Blackpool Ghosts, here is a bit of taster via  bbc.co.uk/lancashire/content/articles/2006/04/03/spooky_blackpool_feature.shtml

Juliette’s Blog Spot page is an interesting place to browse too Here

For Just about anyone

This is the story of how Laura found her vocation in life, when she decided to follow her heart and set up a pet sitting business. With her own trusty Golden Retriever ‘Brece’ at her side the whole time. Brece earned her keep by keeping the dogs in order whilst Laura dealt with the owners!! Trials and Tribulations of a pet sitter describes how her business grew from strength to strength, the enormous joy that the pets brought into her life, and also the many highs and the lows.

Trials & Tribulations of a Pet Sitter Local Authors Lytham

It’s getting great reviews, and they are say ‘Funny & Heartwarming’

At the moment 20% of profits go to Dog Charities

Get it on AMAZON 

Hoping to get into local shops when they reopen

For Escapism

Pure Fiction

Two brand new fiction writers came to light via Twitter

Finding Harbour

Penned by local wordsmith Amanda Westgate and a St Annes on Sea tweeter, StAnnesTweetUp a fantastic lady and MY ‘partner in crime’ with the Lytham AND St Annes/Lytham/St Annes  ‘debate’ 

The book is about Annie……………..

‘Everything she had worked for and dreamed of – career, husband and baby – had all gone within 24 catastrophic hours. Desperate to maintain a hard shell and keep tight control over her emotions, Annie took herself and her grieving father thousands of miles from home, to stay in Chatham, Cape Cod, USA. In this beautiful place, Annie worked hard to avoid the two things she dreaded most; thinking and feeling.’

Going back to her roots and with knowledge of the U.S. …………. A novel about loss, love and learning to trust,  available on Amazon HERE

finding harbour Lytham Author Amanda Westgate


Colouring In

Inveterate tweeter and Fylde resident Nigel Stewart  @meNigeStew

Set in the late 80’s/early 90’s this novel explores the ways in which inadequacy, perceived or real, can become a block to creativity and ambition. It is also a love story. Set in England (and in France for part of the story).

It’s about Life, it’s about Friends, Family and Alcohol. It’s about relationships. It’s about us

Colouring In has some laugh out loud moments, graphic sex scenes and language.

Colouring In a Novel

Available on Amazon HERE