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I’ve had contact with Steve several times on Social Media and in person over the last year, and a friendly chap he is. What I find interesting and really the reason for this Who’s Who page is that you never really know what people get up to in their ‘Spare Time’ and it’s endlessly fascinating for someone as curious (some call it nosy) as me to find out.

First of all he is not a Lankie (born in Lancashire) he is a Linky, (which isn’t a word) it is a YellowBelly (born in Lincolnshire) although Lytham & Lancashire has been his home for almost 40 years.

A semi-retired teacher at St Bedes who took up walking in his early 40’s when a visit to the doctor with a bad back was told he would end up in wheelchair! That was a wakeup call to get fit and by taking up walking it culminated in him completing the gruelling Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge in record time.

What I didn’t know was that Steve is a published author. The book is  ‘The North West Way’ a guide to a walk which takes in the best scenery in the north of England. The beautiful full colour book follows a route from Preston to Carlisle, that can take 13 days or you can choose to complete it in anywhere between 9 and 23 days See

north west way

The book, first published in 2013, follows the great tradition of Walking Guides with the ‘technical’ bit but also includes interesting historical and geographical information and some lovely full colour photographs. The routes take in villages, tea rooms, and pubs, which is just what you need to break up a walk or as a treat when complete.

Steve walked every ‘leg’ now at least 4 times for fact checking, and has some funny stories to tell, the one that sticks out, is coming across a very large bull on a public right of way, he found the farmer who said ‘EEE lad, you don’t need to worry about him, he’s from Hereford’ as if that made a difference! Steve walked swiftly and nervously past.


Signed copies of the book can be obtained from Plackitt & Booths on Lytham High Street where it is one of their best selling books.

Also available online from

Connect with Steve (see links on SideBar)

If you are a walker, it’s a great one to try and if you are not, it might just inspire you to start!!



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