When’s the best time to start a diet is the one thing that I get asked most, the answer is, not when but when not, and that includes, not before YOU are ready, you cannot be coaxed or cajoled by friends or family, you have to do it when YOU decide you want to be a healthier version of you!!  Another that wasn’t exactly ideal was January 1st and may be not necessarily the next two weeks because there is still stuff in the fridge or the house that needs ‘eating up’  so you were setting yourself up for a fail before you’ve even started. So if you do have something special coming up WAIT until that over.

We all love seeing the before and after photographs in the media and sometime it IS incredible what celebrities have done, but what we don’t consider is the time effort and willpower that go into it and the fact they probably have someone that makes their meals, and a personal trainer too!  Cambridge 121 is here to help and to be honest with our amazing meal selection, you don’t need that much willpower or effort as they are delivered to your door. There are some incredible inspiring stories here one2onediet.com/blog

Some people do like a ‘group’ setting, but a lot don’t or it doesn’t fit with their individual situations, so that’s why I am on hand to give you the support you need, when you need it and consider helping you achieve your goals an honour, and gives me the greatest buzz ever!  Because of current restrictions, we can be in touch by any method is suitable for you phone/text/Messenger/Whats App etc.

Did you know we started in Denmark & are now global…….lots more fact too

All our products are nutritionally balanced and a joy to eat, so lets work out a plan together.  Your’e unique so why shouldn’t your eating plan be too.

I’m Elaina (Graham) , check out my Directory Listing on this website & give me a call on 07860 486732, I may also have a little starter treat for you

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