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Highly qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Life Coaching, Feng Shui (Consultant) and a Reiki-Seichim Master Teacher.

Most recently qualified as the ONLY licensed practitioner of Hypnotension in the North West and currently training to become a teacher of Mindfulness, and will qualify in 2017.

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Annette says

Life is something to be embraced and cherished. We are what we think we are, and if we believe we deserve the best in life, then we’ll have the best in life. Thoughts become things for sure, and my advice is ‘be consciously aware’ in each moment and know how you’re feeling. Knowing that if something doesn’t feel good or right, then it’s not right, and you’re going in the wrong direction and you need to about turn.

The breadth of Annette’s services would take several articles, so watch out for some more blogs.

Annette as Lytham Therapies treats and helps clients for all sorts of issues like

IBS-Stop Smoking-Anxiety-Phobias-High Blood Pressure-Weight Loss or Eating Disorders-Pain Management-Chocolate Cravings-Alcohol-and numerous other issues. Plus Confidence and Life Coaching.

She is also a published author of four books. As well as, Meditation groups, Change your Life workshops, and self-development groups.

If you are interested in joining any of the groups, or that Annette call help in any area of your life, please call 01253 969695.

She offers a free 30 minute consultation on most therapies , so what do you have to loose!!

Annette really is a pioneer for positive living!

Stop Press:

You can hear Annette on short podcasts as an introduction to flowing, moving into the flow of life. There’s a short meditation to help you with beautiful birdsong and windchimes here via Speaker………she has a lovely relaxing voice!

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