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In 2020 more than ever it is important to look after yourself FIRST that then leaves you more able to face the challenges of everyday life. There is a saying that ‘You cannot pour from an Empty Jug’ (not too sure who that is accredited to) which is SO true, as if you are physically, mentally, and emotionally drained then, everything is an uphill struggle. Emotional health is a state of wellbeing. When you feel well and content, you’re better able to manage stress, maintain happy relationships, communicate your feelings and really enjoy life

A pioneer for Positive Living

Annette Brown has been a pioneer for Positive Living for many years, and her journey includes being a highly qualified and certified Hypnotherapist¬† (plus 7 other therapies), a very successful Hypnotherapy/NLP/MindfulnessTutor and a published author. (See her Who’s Who Profile LINK)

During ‘lockdown’ restrictions she has ticked another box by bringing her ‘little books’ and podcasts together and making them available to everyone. All of the subjects are easy to understand and have short one page Every Day tips and affirmations, so no longwinded complex self-help chapters.

If you care….share

The books make fabulous gifts for someone you care about and at just £10.99 are not going to break the bank, and you could gather the whole library. The first 4 NOW available via Amazon (so FREE deliver if you are on PRIME) with lots more to come.

So go ahead and Help yourself to Happiness, Submerge yourself in Self Confidence and Surround yourself with Self Love (or pass the gift on)!

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As well as these amazing books, check out the website for some fantastic freebies, including podcasts and downloads for you to listen to at your leisure. Grab a few minutes to yourself and feel instantly calmer, motivated or more confident

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