What I Always Wanted

Really loving this “job”.  It puts me in touch with some lovely people, one of which is Ann who has the most divine on-line business

We’ve met several times and had lots of electronic interaction (it’s the way), and got on famously.  I just LOVE creative people, I think because I am a frustrated one myself!

Ann asked me to do a “guest blog” for her site, which I was completely humbled and excited to do, as it meant I had to browse the site finding MY personal favorites.

So pleased and proud of it, and you can read it HERE among lots of other blogs to give YOU lots of gift inspiration

Jewellery at What I Always Wanted

What Have You Always Wanted?

…..I’d love to know what your favorites are – please leave a comment on her site.

The only trouble is the more you look, the MORE favorites you find. I am a Gemini though!

See, I’ve found some more…!

What I Always Wanted Wishbone Necklace