Shopping Local and helping YOUR local Economy

The phrase “a nation of shopkeepers”, commonly attributed to Napoleon is a reference to the United Kingdom.

Not so much, these days! They are few and far between especially the smaller independent shops have historically been crowed out of most High Streets by the ‘Big Boys’

We are all aware the struggle that our high streets were having EVEN before the current lock down . I may be wrong (it does happen) but I have thought for a while that ‘we’ are due a reversal of fortunes and the pendulum had swung too far in the direction of faceless and to be honest soulless towns and online shopping.

Lets face it we all love to squeeze our avocados, smell that candle, feel the softness of material, marvel at how that ring shines, see how the colour of that top looks against our skin and try things on! (Although we cannot do that at the moment) BUT we can take things home to try on with different shoes and accessories, so that’s a bit of a bonus.

Timothy's Jewelers Family Lytham

We NEED to start shopping local and being locally loyal to get our economy back on track! Such a lot of the year has been lost, and the lucrative Bank & School holidays, and we are not even there quite yet (at time of writing)!  But, when we are…………It’s up to us,  we dont even have to spend a fortune, how about just £10 per week sound to you? Your small independent business owners will spend your money locally on their supply chain, staff wages, other local business they support………..and so on, the circle of the local economy.

Broadhurst Optometrist Lytham

Locally owned independent retailers are the backbone of local  communities. It takes a brave soul to decide to set up an independent High Street business either in retail or the food/drink hospitality business, and this spirit should be rewarded. So here’s an idea, lets THINK LOCAL FIRST, if you can’t buy (whatever it is) that’s fine, but if you CAN please do! (When we say local we mean, Locally owned; Independently operated; As close to home as possible)

Millie and Mini Soy Candles Lytham

Lets see shopping as an ‘experience’ when we can, with the whole family, with a group of friends or family members, pair it with lunch, coffee & cake, a pint and a prosecco and it’s an afternoon out!  But instead of the Trafford Centre, let it be YOUR town centre!! Be a tourist in your local town. Discover your NEW favorite shop/cafe/restaurant. Explore your town and adjoining towns, there is probably SO much you didn’t know was there, right on your doorstep, right under your nose. As well as cutting down your carbon footprint by not driving far, plus the frustration of traffic jams and queuing up to park in city centre car parks, get the bus or the train in.

Or if still nervous about venturing out, find small local independent businesses on line, from High Street Business to Services, to small home based business, they are all local and helping money circulate with the local economy

Bond and Bloom Lytham High Street and Online

I know you cannot buy absolutely EVERYTHING locally but you’ll be surprised!

Berrys Beds Lytham

I’m in the process of getting  MORE content  on the Lifestyle Directory, High Street businesses and small home business that will all keep money in the local economy …..take a browse now DIRECTORY

There’s links to their Social Media and websites too.

There are MORE businesses joining every week so keep calling back.

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