Two fantastic groups operate in this area to keep the coastline clean, beautiful and safe. As most of us are being more aware of environmental issues globally and locally, and we are all more conscious of recycling, is there anything more we can do as individuals?? One way is to join a local group …..

Friends of the Estuary  Lytham

When: Weekly, every Monday at 10.15am
Meeting point: Lytham LifeBoat Car Park

Great way to kick start your week, get environmentally friendly and get some fresh air too!!  This is what they do

  1. Clear litter, brought by visitors, the tidal effect and wind, from the Beach and Estuary at Lytham.
  2. Identify the source of littering so that it may be tackled.
  3. Identify any areas of the estuary that can be made safer, more environmentally and/or user friendly.
  4. Improve awareness of the problems caused by the various types of litter by friendly communication and education.

The area covered is  from Lytham Quays to and Granny’s Bay. They are a friendly and sociable group and also manage to have a drink and a chat afterwards.

Friends of the Estuary Lytham Weekly Beachclean

And this is WHY they do it

Love My Beach

Covering Fairhaven & St Annes on sea……and other areas of the North West Coastline

Lots of info and tips on being water & waste friendly here

Fairhaven Coastal Care Group

When: Weekly, every Wednesday at 10am
Meeting point: St Pauls Car Park at Fairhaven Lake, Lytham St Annes

St Annes BeachCare Group

When: Weekly, every Tuesday at 10am
Meeting point: St Annes Pier, St Annes-on-the-sea

beachcare st annes

Interesting article on the devastating effects of Marine Litter here

It’s very close to my heart as my nephew is a Marine Biologist … I’ll be taking part this year….will you??