Small Biz Saturday Lytham St Annes

( I originally wrote this blog in 2013)

Small Business Saturday follows the Lytham Life & Style ethos of wherever and whenever possible to shop locally and discover what your high street has to offer.

A majority of us are super-busy people that  leave the house at 7am to return at 7 in the evening, so shopping locally on a weekday is not always practical. Weekends are usually a frantic blur of things to do too. But this Saturday 2nd December, do something different.

Take a stroll in Lytham, Ansdell &  St Annes, talk to the shopkeepers, business owners, and their  local staff. They are experts in their field and their products. Stop off at an independent café, coffee shop, restaurant or bar, relax, have a break. We don’t, on the whole, do fast food or fast coffee!!

Discover What’s Right On Your Doorstep

See what’s “under your nose” you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Visit the fish monger, the green grocer, the butcher, the baker. I don’t think we have a candle-stick maker!

You can feel rightly proud about spending your money locally,  as it sets up a chain encouraging and supporting YOUR local economy and safe guarding YOUR High Street for future generations…..and because the alternative is not worth considering! There is regeneration of high streets happening all over the land, have to say we are luckier than most to not have that many empty premises, and new, independent businesses are popping up all over.

The same applies to tradesman, a garage or a service, use the one ‘down the road’.  Look also at small local businesses on line.

All supports an individual or a couple, who like you, have a mortgage to pay, food to buy and give their children the best life they can.

And remember shopping locally is not just for Xmas. Make it a regular date! See your High Street Survive and Prosper 

See some of my favorite business (and people) on the Directory HERE

How the UK supported Small Business Saturday 2016:

  • Customers spent £717m with small businesses on Small Business Saturday, an increase of 15% on 2015spending
  • Over 140,000 tweets were sent on the day reaching 130 million people, trending on Twitter in the UK and globally
  • Over 80% of local authorities across the UK actively supported the campaign in a variety of ways, from networking events to free parking, meaning wherever you were in the UK, Small Business Saturday was happening nearby
  • Read their own blog and find more about Small Biz Saturday  HERE