The first rubber balloons were made by Michael Faraday in 1824, for use in the laboratory. Faraday laid two sheets of rubber on top of each other, and then sealed the edges together.

British inventor and rubber manufacturer Thomas Hancock began distributing balloon-making kits in the following year, and by 1847, London entrepreneurs were selling the first balloons made of vulcanized rubber, bet they smelled lovely!!


Vintage balloons




Balloons quote

We all love them, whether it reminds us of our childhood and the birthday or Xmas Parties we had, that semi scary feeling when you play with them, that glorious or disastrous moment when you let go of a helium one and it soars up to the heavens and you watch until it is a tiny little speck?

Even now when we are (er) adults we HAVE to HAVE balloons at our child’s party. It’s like passing a tradition down, passing on our experiences.

Bobbing Around

Balloons are LOADS of FUN, bobbing around, all different colours, can you remember what it’s like to run into a corner full of them, or play “keepy uppy” or have one pop on your little brother!!

Balloons are not just for children

Image from Pintrest Tomasita Baca

Balloons are not JUST for children

They can be “grown up” and shiny, patterned, scrolled, elegant and stylish. Pastels, brights, monochrome. Balloons within balloons, filled with feathers, stars, glitter, petals or leaves. Heart shaped, Star shaped, covered in tulle, I COULD go on!

They can be also styled into arches or swathes or columns or topiary or even palm trees.

From room décor, table décor, wall, door to entrance way, they make a statement and are one of the best ways to say this is a party, celebration or special event.

Ballons Designs Lytham Tulle Wedding

You can get them with individually personalised with name or message. Great idea for sending out invites or acceptances! Or asking a question!

Balloon Designs of Lytham Question Balloon

For promotions or openings

Balloon Designs of Lytham Promotional Balloons

Tiny balloons and HUGE balloons!

Ballons Designs Lytham Large Tulle

Balloon are increasingly being used in Balloon drops, Gender reveals, Balloon raffles and as mention before, asking a question or making a statement!

Ok we’ll let the kids have a look in!

Fantastic character balloons, in some cases life size, massive spiders, disgusting eyeballs, Little Mermaid, Disney, The Easter Bunny.

Balloon Designs of Lytham Minnie Mouse Balloon


Balloon Designs of Lytham Spiderman

Balloon Designs of Lytham

As with most things, you can do it yourself, but save yourself the hassle and make your home, business or venue more professional looking, with a balloon designer, and lets face it you WILL be judged on the quality of your displays!!

Jill from Balloon Designs of Lytham (covering all of Wyre & Fylde, but has made creations all over the North West) has loads of experience and flair, offers expert advice and of course brilliant service.

If you have an idea, or even if not, let Jill find the options or the inspiration for you.

This is JUST a normal day in her kitchen!!

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