shop local this Christmas

I first posted this through lockdown, but have adapted and added to for the late night shopping events in St Annes 2nd December and Lytham on 9th December 


The phrase “a nation of shopkeepers”, commonly attributed to Napoleon is a reference to the United Kingdom. Not so much, these days! They tend to be few and far between over the last 20 years or so, with the smaller independent shops being edged out of most High Streets by the ‘Big Boys’ and National Chains, one of the reasons is some of the premises are so large, a small (new) business could not afford the rent. But then came the pandemic and that changed pretty much over the last couple of years with some really large scale chains closing their doors!

We ARE lucky in our area to have smaller shop units and a higher than average ratio of independent business, in St Annes they tend not to be on the Square, but there are a few, so step away from there and find lovely surprises down every side street.

Pot Bound, St. Andrews Road South, St Annes On Sea

There were struggles for the high streets even before the lock downs, with the growth in online shopping and large out of town shopping complexes  A few managed to hold on in there though. I have had a sneaky feeling though that we were  DUE a reversal of fortunes and the pendulum had swung too far in the direction of faceless and to be honest soulless towns. Lets face it we all love to squeeze our avocados, smell that candle, feel the softness of material, marvel at how that ring shines, see how the colour of that top looks against your skin and try things on. Our basic instinct is to touch, feel, and pick things up.

Timothy's Jewelers Family Lytham

Timothy’s Jewellers, Clifton Street, Lytham 

Now more than ever we need to start (or continue) to shop local and be locally loyal, by doing this we can create towns we want to see endure for future generations.  Such a lot of the last couple of years lucrative trading times have been lost, such as the  Bank & School holidays plus all the Events that brought visitors in.

The town centre/high street though is not just there for visitors, it’s for locals to enjoy too, we dont even have to spend a fortune, how about just £10 per week sound to you? According to various statisticians, that is all we need to keep our high streets buoyant. In turn your small independent business owners will spend your money locally on their supply chain, staff wages, other local business they support………..and so on, the circle of the local economy.

Squire, Wood Street, St Annes On Sea 

Locally owned independent retailers are the backbone of local communities. It takes a brave soul to decide to set up an independent High Street business either in retail or the food/drink hospitality business, and this spirit should be rewarded. So here’s an idea, lets THINK LOCAL FIRST, if you can’t buy (whatever it is) locally that’s fine, but if you CAN please DO! (When we say local we mean, Locally owned; Independently operated; As close to home as possible). It may cost a little more, but the feel good factor is priceless!

Millie and Mini Soy Candles Lytham

Millie & Mini, Clifton Street, Lytham 

Lets see shopping as an ‘experience’ when we can, with the whole family, with a group of friends or family members, pair it with lunch, coffee & cake, a pint and a prosecco and it’s an afternoon out!  But instead of the Trafford Centre, let it be YOUR town centre!! Be a tourist in your local town. Discover your NEW favourite shop/café/restaurant. Explore your town and adjoining towns, there is probably SO much you didn’t know was there, right on your doorstep, right under your nose. As well as cutting down your carbon footprint by not driving far, plus the frustration of traffic jams and queuing up to park in city centre car parks, get the bus or the train in.

Or if still nervous about venturing out, find small local independent (sometimes home based) businesses on line or on Facebook,  they are all local and helping money circulate with the local economy

Bond & Bloom, Clifton Street, Lytham

I know you cannot buy absolutely EVERYTHING locally but you’ll be surprised!


Here’s a list of places in St Annes On Sea on  2nd December (and the times they are opening till)

Come on over after work have a wander through the town under their Xmas lights and stop off for a drink or a bite to eat.

Ancient & Modern 8pm
Applewood Café 7pm
Bonney Fabrics & Wool 8pm
Crescent Coffee House 7pm
Dawson’s Art & Craft Emporium 8pm
French White 6/7pm
Fresh Café 7pm
Goodness Vintage 8pm
Hadfields 7pm
Heyes Furniture
Lilly the pink 6/7pm
Magic Loop wool shop 7pm
Margaret’s Florist 6/7pm
NoFilter 7 pm
Orchard Candle Co 8pm
Pier Gifts & Home 6/6.30 pm
Pot Bond 7pm
Smugglies Emporium 8pm
Squire 8pm
The Crafty Cottage UK 6pm
The Original Feelgood Emporium 7/8pm
Van4u 6/7pm
Verdi Antiques 7pm
Very Vintage 8pm
Wards Carpets & Flooring 7pm
YK Barbers 6.30/7pm
Lots more events coming up too, see the EVENTS calendar 

Here’s a list of places open in Lytham on the 9th December that will be opening until 8 (unless otherwise stated) 

(Original Image of the Xmas lights in Clifton Square by Gregg Wolstenhome)

Bond & Bloom
Celebrations Cards & Gifts (free fizz)
Clifton Jewellers
The Courtyard Cafe
Guilty Couture (free fizz and special offers)
Heart of the Home (free fizz)
Millie & Mini
Plackitt & Booth
Pure Mischief
Timothy’s Jewellers
Thompson & Hardwick open until 7pm

Both these list are dynamic and will be added to daily, up to the event 

My website has recently changed focus but am still highlighting the people behind local business and featuring the most fabulous nearby business and services (physical & virtual) plus helping promote the #shoplocal messages wherever I can, on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. I still am very aware that people who live in Lytham don’t know or get to find out what’s in St Annes, (or Ansdell) and vice versa.

Take a browse now of the some of the fabulous places on this website DIRECTORY there’s links to their Social Media and websites too