What’s On Locally

I’m BIG on being a tourist in your own area as I believe we miss SO much of what’s going on and leave it all to the visitors.

So, why not take time to discover what exactly is on your doorstep.

I was lucky enough to discover the Hot Ice Show at Blackpool Pleasure Beach a few year ago, I not been since I was a kid, that’s why re-discovering it was a real treat. I was completely blown away by the sheer exuberance of the performances and this year is no different. It has to be one of the Top 5 things to do in Blackpool this Summer

World Class

The World Class ice skaters gathered from far and wide and even some ITV’s Dancing on Ice regulars, not only do they skate, beautifully, gracefully, and acrobatically ……………………….they PERFORM from the tips of their boots to the top of their fabulous feathered headdresses.

hot ice show review

There are so many elements that make a stunning performance and they are all here, the staging, the background, the timings, the flow, the costumes (and I could wax lyrical about them for pages) the music that was in equal parts, rousing, poignant, upbeat and spine tingling (like the first chords of Rhapsody in Blue and Swan Lake)

This Summer

This year the Ice Show is entitled Utopian

This was a whistlestop whirl of a flag waving army reminiscent of the pomp of the Russian Red Army, romantic pairs skating, a little New York City, a splash of James Bond, and the most famous ballet there is ………..but I’m giving far too much away

Hot ice show blackpool

A Family Experience

It is very much an Oooh  & Ahhhh experience at the wonder of just what you can do on ice, at speed holding and another ice skater above your head! Oh yes and it includes an incredible hold-your-breath  ‘head banger’ move too. Your children will adore it as will the whole family, and there are not that many things these days that you can all go to.

They pulled it off again Amanda Thompson’s Producer and Oula Jaaskelainen Choreographer, and of course the multitude  people behind the scenes like the set & costume designers

I urge you to go and see it, you can book via this link HERE

Meet the cast on their Face Book Page HERE

If you loved the music as much as I did you can listen to original sound track on Spotify HERE

Be a tourist in your area and discover so much more.