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Do you remember the excitement as a girl of getting you first bra? Some of us didn’t really need them at all. We didn’t mind that friends noticed.

“Are you wearing a bra?”

they would ask.“Yes” we’d reply with mock embarrassment, but secretly pleased that they knew that we had arrived at the doorway of “being a woman”.  The fact that the item would not have held up breath of fresh air really didn’t matter.


We then bounced our way through our teenage years and probably our twenties, with no thought except for the colour maybe? Sometimes to expose, sometime to conceal, sometimes to enhance. But mostly, bras were just something we threw on!

Our favourite one was just so old and comfy, a bit like our favourite slippers and it didn’t matter that any stretch or fit was a dim and distant memory.

We had special occasion push you ups or strapless or bedroom versions, but we never knew what was best to get off at the end of the night – your shoes or your bra? Or both simultaneously for the more dexterous!


With the passage of time, the slight “going south” we got misty eyed for our diminishing perkiness. We tried the pencil test, heck for some of us, a whole art set was lost! Maybe we had children, and yes we would give them the world, but please leave the boobs intact!

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So here we are in at a time where women are having it all. But have we got comfy, well fitting bra’s, that enhances “the girls” and shows them in their best light, and at the right height for your body? Too high or too low is just, well, wrong! Yes, I use the word as a plural, we all need at least 3 decent bras.


So does your ‘over shoulder boulder holder’ and your ‘apple catcher’ fit you like a glove?

Brilliant article: Six indications of an ill-fitting bra from

Apparently you can even buy an App for your phone to calculate your precise measurements for the perfect fit. Hmmm, not too sure about that!


But, although I’m all for technology (it’s the future you know!) you cannot beat a hands on approach.  That’s why you need someone you can trust, someone who knows your history. A bit like a Doctor or a Dentist.

Find a good independent lingerie shop near you and make friends. If you are nearby, why not try:


Pure Mischief

Visit Gwyneth and the ladies at PURE MISCHIEF on Henry Street in Lytham. Get properly fitted with the great range of shapewear and bras for every occasion and for everyday comfort and style. They also have a wide range of bridal, maternity, nursing and post surgery bras and cup sized swimwear.

Apparently 7 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong or ill-fitting bra.  Let’s change this statistic.

Visit the Pure Mischief website or call them 01253 732832