A brave new decade, have you the same old hair?

It’s TIME……………to SHINE!

Whether it’s colours and treatments for a brave new world, or some small changes for us more timid clientele, you may or may not know that No4 Salon is a Wella Key Account Salon, which elevates it above the rest as the colourists have been through the most rigorous training at Wella Headquarters.

Some of the main features of Well 2020 colour palette are the delicious sounding Raspberry Chocolate for you brunettes, amazing Strawberry Blondes for you to experience life as a Red Head, a new take on blondes from golden to icy and strangely named but ultra fabulous Smokey Bronde. We all now know about Balayage but there is now Illuminage it’s much brighter and sassy-er sister! Colour and Light, Light and Colour there’s not one without the other.

No 4 Salon Lytham Wella Colour

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‘Responsible’ Products

The Salon also has many treatments and products including well known Wella and other top hair brands, but something unique is a vegan, ethical and sustainable brand from Italy named Davines who whole philosophy is inspired by the ideal of Sustainable Beauty as an inseparable unity between Beauty and Good (their words).  The products simply formulated (and packaged) but very effective for your individual hair’s needs and a No 4 can put a customised regime together for you.

davines at No4 Salon Lytham

Full & Fabulous

Hair Loss is FAR more common than you think, and can affect all ages, races & genders, so dont think you are on your own.

Nioxim is the name of the Brand of the best know and loved Hair Loss Products and although there are the individual products there is also a system developed to get the best results in a short time. Pop in for a chat at either No 4 or the The Fat Cat Club for the Gentlemen (just across the road) about the best way to use it

nioxin hair thinning teatment at No4 Salon Lythamnioxin hair thinning teatment at No4 Salon Lytham

Knotty Problem

Last but maybe should be first, is the solution to knotty hair! A brush, is a brush, is a brush, NO all brushes are NOT created equal!! The PRO Mini from The Knot Doctor is fantastic! As we are a female family, 3 with very long hair it has been tested to the max. It comes in lots of colours and its just dinky and it just WORKS. I dont know what the secret is, it does look just like regular brush, but just like magic, I dont really need to know!

knot dr brushes at No 4 Salon Lytham