Caught up with Debbie Wilkinson at a very busy period running up to Xmas, with two hair salons (No4 Salons) in Lytham AND St Annes and an exclusive barbers shop (Fat Cat Club) but a girls got to have lunch…right!!

Great News

Debbie and the staff were actually on a bit of a ‘high’ having been told just the week before that they had been invited to take up a Wella Key Account , for Debbie this was like coming full circle, or coming ‘home’ as she described it, as she had been Wella trained years ago but for one reason and another had not kept the links.

Debbie and some of the team visited the Wella Studios in Manchester for the welcome reception and were blown away by the fantastic modern space where seminars & education take place


wella studios

Debbie said

“The salons have always had staff training at the forefront, and now having access to what Wella has to offer is priceless

The colours are just amazing and with also being able to customise, they have effectively trebled the colour palette available and they shades can be as ‘out there’ or as subtle as the customer wants, and its not just colour its condition, shine and keeping the colour alive for as long as possible and with a wealth of professional products for salon & home use, plus all the styling & strengthening ranges I’m just so happy my salons are on board.”

Blown away by these colours & effects that are being achieved in the salons with Wella products, plus of course, some very happy customers


wella family Lytham No 4 Salon

wella family Lytham No 4 Salon brown

Some of the NEW colours for 2018  includes Extra-dimensional hues with names like Composed Platinum, Mindful Brown and even Serene Green……….and gentlemen they are not missing you out either…..check out the Wella video.

Going Forward

As well as relishing the training for her staff, Debbie has  decided to take on for her own Personal Development THE ULTIMATE achievements at Wella, which is the ‘Master of Colour’ Award, it will take 9 months to complete,  and has actually started it this month.

Is it time?

Your hair really is your crowning glory and a great many of us persevere with the same old style, same old colour and dare I say same old hairdresser, and yes, you get into a rut, I have done it myself, but just because it’s awkward, it doesn’t need to be!

Maybe this year is THE time to strike out and try something new?

The future is BRIGHT!

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No 4 Hair Salon Lytham