The recent penchant is for Luscious Lashes, why is that?  There’s a great article here The Psychology behind why we like long dark lashes   what it basically boils down to, is long eyelashes are an indication of femininity and have been enhanced from as early as 4000 BC! If you’ve seen images of Cleopatra real, imagined or in art, she certainly made the most of her eyes!

Make the most of yours at Georgina’s Secret Lash Lounge in St Annes on Sea. Just off Clifton Drive and not part of a busy salon, but a quiet area of the Sea Croft B & B run by Georgina (and her husband Jamie) read more at her Directory Listing.. This is what (any) beauty treatment should be like, not rushed, not distracted, but calm and relaxing.

You can choose any length of volume, it’s up to you, but Georgina will advise the best ‘fit’ for your face and lifestyle.

secret lash lounge at The SeaCroft st annes on sea salon natural

I personally feel better with (natural looking) lashes on, I dont have to worry about mascara, and I don’t look so bad in a morning. I did ‘up’ the volume if I was going on holiday or a few special occasions coming up. It may not be practical if you do a lot of sweaty sport or swimming, but there is a tinting option too.

secret lash lounge at The SeaCroft st annes on sea salon quote

Georgina is looking forward to restrictions being lifted as so she can get back to helping you, be the best version of you