One of the strangest relationships seems to be that with your hairdresser, lets, face it, in some cases, they are not JUST a hairdresser/stylist, they tend to be a friend-confidant – advisor – councillor – big brother/sister – all rolled into one, and of course it’s based on TRUST as who else would you bestow the power to do what they want with your crowning glory!! They probably know some of your deepest darkest secrets too!

But what it is, going to the hairdressers, when you strip it ALL back, is, a business transaction!!

In these days of continually reviewing your life and your service solutions, such as Bank, insurance, supermarket, fashion buying. Perhaps it IS time for change? I must agree, as life changes, so do your needs and what you want from your ‘service providers’.

If they don’t give you exactly what you want, move on, find someone that does. It does sound a bit blunt, direct and without emotion, but as I say again, it is a BUSINESS transaction. It’s a bit like this, would you apologise to the Butchers Counter at Booths that you are now buying your meat somewhere else? They’d look at you as though you’d gone mad!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Because of this ‘special relationship’ you may feel you have to say something, and not just never go back, (ashamed to say I have done that). Pull up your big girl knickers and tell them politely but firmly, it’s NOT them it’s you, tell them that you feel you are in a rut, that you feel you have become complacent and what you need is someone to see you through fresh eyes, to believe that you have got a wild side, to see you in another colour other than ‘Beige Blond’, to consider you rocking something other than a neat bob perfectly & symmetrically highlighted every 9.5 weeks ……..unless of course you want a neat bob. Perhaps you have a hankering to go short, go purple, try some colour slices?

No 4 Salon Lytham Breaking Up is Hard to Do Blog

You want someone to sweep you off your feet, make your heart race a little when you look in that mirror at the end of your appointment and think yep THAT looks amazing, it’s me…….. but a better version of me, I LOVE the style, I ADORE the colour and it suits my lifestyle RIGHT NOW!

No 4 Salon Lytham Breaking Up is Hard to Do Blog

Go for something completely different……….it COULD be a mistake BUT it’s yours to make, but on the plus side…………you could end up loving it!!

New Year, New You!

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