Any Wellbeing information would HAVE to include lovely Lytham lady Annette Brown, who has dedicated most of her life to be a Pioneer for Positive Living, from being an Hypnotherapist, to a Trainer (in Hypno, NLP and Life Coaching) a published author a -and now a pod-caster I wont say much more here as there is a lot about her on this website anyway, like her Directory Listing and a Who’s Who profile.

So just to cover her recent activities

At the start of the pandemic and realising this could really affect peoples moods and emotional wellbeing, Annette immediately set up a Facebook Group Freedom from Anxious Thoughts and Feelings which is a safe to place to share thoughts and ideas to help us through the ‘dark days’

Along with this she was writing her ‘Little Books’ which are available though AMAZON and cover subjects of Positivity, Gratitude, Mindfulness, Law of Attraction and more.

Never one to do one thing at once, she has also recorded Positivity Podcast which are FREE and you can listen via her website of Download as an MP3 to your phone, and listen any time, any place, anywhere, top tips are in the bath and whilst sitting in the car waiting for click & collect or whatever. Annette voice is soothing yet motivating (not sure how she does that!)

Annette Brown Positivity podcasts

Here’s the link to her Emotional Wellbeing Guru Page, where there is also a downloadable book Positive Tips for Difficult Times.

I would just personally like to thanks Annette for all she has done to help many people through these confusing & frustrating time.