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We all know that sleep is ESSENTIAL to our Health & Wellbeing, and the recommended amount is approx 8 hours a night but that is only a guideline and we all know people or family members that need much more, or are up and functioning after 5 hours,

We know what we are like if we are not getting enough sleep, as new parents or at Uni, or on holiday and making the most of it, working night/late shift, or any change in our lifestyle. Without it we are less sharp, our reactions are sluggish and our concentration levels take a nose dive!

Through all the lock downs there has been a (MORI) study that indicates that almost two thirds of people are struggling with sleep, be it the lack or routine, physical activities, money worries, and general worries about the family and the future.

Some factors in getting a better nights sleep are relatively simple, like sticking to a routine, even at weekends, having a wind down ritual (whatever it may be), cut back on caffeine and alcohol.

While you are asleep the body is repairing itself and it has benefits for your looks  Beauty Sleep 

One factor that often get ignored is your bed & your mattress, read the blog here 5-surprising-ways-your-mattress-affects-your-sleep-and-health/ the tag line to this article is ‘Replace your old mattress and reclaim your life!’ and it can be THAT life changing, most people dont even know how old their bed or mattress is, especially if given one by family or friends.

So lets all be grown ups together here, and replace our mattresses (at least) every 6 years (some say 7, but it’s splitting hairs! If you think about it, the mattress you have (for 10 years) has supported you for 30,000 hours, no wonder it’s sagging in places…and on the basis it/they are going to support you for the next 6/7 years, and the one you come home to every night, isn’t it about time you bought a quality product (but they do have the BEST prices too)

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Check out their Directory Listing …………………Berry’s Beds on the High Street Lytham, they ARE the sleep experts, and are still working to ensure you get the PERFECT mattress/bed combination for you for click & collect or Home Delivery.

Thanks John!