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I just wanted to share with the world what a great little place it is! It’s an opportunity to have EVERYTHING about Lytham and St Anne’s in one place, because believe me, there is a SO much here and SO much going on!

Lytham Life & Style is about Lytham and St Annes, the wonderful sights and experiences within it and the people in our community that help it to grow. Lytham Life & Style is about YOU! Lytham St Anne’s is not just shops and bars. It’s Sport. It’s Events. It’s places to Explore.


For the young and the old… and for those in between. We’ll help you to discover the delightful offerings that can be found in your local community, right on your doorstep.

Want to vget the best out of Lytham and St Anne’s? Whether it’s for an afternoon shopping, a meal and a night out or a weekend of fun with your family and friends, this website will help you discover what you’re looking for.

This website is NOT a tourist information website – hopefully it is MORE than that! It is for locals, visitors or anyone interested in small town living. It’s promoting shopping, eateries and where to socialise locally and for anyone interested in the fabulous lifestyle that our little gems of Lytham and St Anne’s have to offer.


The Lytham Life & Style website is not about being dominated by advertisements, they are SO last year. We need YOU to get involved, with ideas, comments and constructive criticism. Want to submit a guest blog post about your latest adventure, a topic of interest or share some hints and tips with our visitors? Great! Get in touch with some details. We’d love to hear from you.


So, who am I? I’m a woman of a certain age who is a consumer, a music lover, likes theatre and who doesn’t actually do sport but enjoys watching and supporting sport. A frequent diner and socialiser, and if you are sitting down, I don’t even live in Lytham or St Annes!

I was born and schooled here. Lived in Ansdell most recently and my mum, sister and one of my brothers lives here. I visit Lytham St Anne’s at least 4 or 5 times a week and I’m presently trying to move back here… it WILL happen!

So if you’re with me, bear with me.  This website is going to be FABULOUS!

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