Woofers Comedy Club, Lytham

If you, like many others, are under the impression that Lytham is a genteel, slightly pretentious old school seaside resort that’s full of the blue rinse brigade, you are very much mistaken.

Lytham St Annes has a vibrant night life of restaurants, pubs, bars and live music to rival any “quarter” in Manchester and other cities.

What no self-respecting place would be without, is a comedy venue, and we have our own. OK, it’s only once a month, but we are going for quality here not quantity!


Woofers Comedy Club

Woofers is the brain child of local comedian Phil Walker after dipping his toe into golf and holiday camp entertainment and most recently writing and performing in Pantomimes

I caught up with Phil one windy freezing cold day in Jan. I thought he was buying the brews – he didn’t and he was late!

Phil Walker, Woofers Comedy Club Lytham

Watch Phil on Youtube

Phil is your archetypal cheeky northerner. Very endearing and down to earth and funny (obviously)! Described by Chortle.co.uk as having the energy of a dog that has just been let out for an overdue walk. They are eerily accurate.

He had always wanted to bring something to his home town for several reasons. To ensure he could spend some time at home with his wife and daughter on a regular basis and to give back to his mates and family that have followed him around the “circuit”.

When a chance to use Lytham Cricket Club came up, he took it and Woofers was hatched. Phil has loads of mates doing the comedy rounds and he invites them to try out their new material at Woofers, and for complete newbies or concept groups to gain experience somewhere where they won’t have bottles thrown at them!


Great Acts, A Great Night Out

For us the audience, what we get is great acts. Some names you know, some you will hear of in the future. Do we feel like guinea pigs? Who cares!

Although new acts EVERY month this was an example of last year, and gives you a flavour of the type and prestige of their comedy standing.

Toby Hadoke (slightly posh bloke having a bit of a rant). You may have heard of his “Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf” tour? See him on YouTube HERE.

Brilliant Improv group The Discount Comedy Checkout who, led by the audience, took us on a train journey through different film genres with some hilarious results.  View their website HERE.

The Main Act of the night was Justin Moorhouse (veteran of Phoenix Nights and Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow and apparently big in Dubai). Another great Northern comic, highly relatable and his observations on parenthood and relationships spot on! View the Justin Moorhouse Website.

The whole night is opened, moved on and wrapped up by Phil and his sidekick/minder/music/lighting man Clive.


What To Expect

I go along with my family. A real mixed age crowd and we all love it. However I would check your granny’s sense of humour before you take her along, plus if adverse to a bit of profanity, it may not be for you.

Janet, Phil’s lovely wife organises the evening along with Terry Batty, Head Honcho at the Cricket Club.

If you want tickets you need to be quick – they sell out fast!

Keep watching the Events page for further information!

Here is the link to Woofers FaceBook page HERE