Ok there may actually be 4  – RECYCLE, RE USE, RE PURPOSE (and RE FURBISH)

I originally wrote this after Xmas 2019 , as the years have passed,  my thoughts are still the same or maybe even more determined to do what ever I can to and if it can go to a charity or it’s helping someone else, so much the better!!

We all have TOO much ‘STUFF’

lytham life style recycling

First let me point out BEFORE anyone else does that I have been complete hoarder myself so have NO right to be telling anyone what to do, but on the flip side I do KNOW the theory inside out! There is the one in – one out theory, the Feng Shui principles, the KonMari method…………… yes I really do spend MORE time reading about it than doing it!!  When friends give you books on de cluttering , that’s a time to take notice!  I THINK I have turned a corner, but maybe my daughters would disagree??

So with the influx of more stuff over the Xmas Period lets get recycling some that you no longer need or want


Fylde Sand Dunes Xmas Tree Planting Project

Not sure if this happens elsewhere along the coast but your tree can be used to help create new sand dunes and help coastal defences, how great is that!! Every year the project buries thousands of recycled Christmas trees on the foreshore in St Anne’s to try and help sand accretion and build dunes over time.
If you wish to donate a Christmas tree you can drop it off at various locations along the Fylde.
Alternatively, local residents can arrange a doorstep collection by Trinity Hospice for a donation.
Last year over 2500 Christmas trees were donated and planted by Fylde San Dunes and fantastic volunteers
The annual Christmas tree planting event will take place on Wednesday 9th, Thursday 10th and Friday 11th February 2022.
We would love to see you come along and help us and the local community use recycled Christmas trees to build and improve Fylde’s natural sea defences! Contact Fylde Sand Dunes on Facebook or phone them on 07860 954290
You can also donate your tree  to the sand dunes via Hadfields Hardware and DIY,  in St Annes on Sea, they ask for a donation to Alzheimer’s Society. Please contact the shop on 01253724822



If you are giving for FREE. There are lots of brilliant Facebook Page Lytham Leg Up!  Lytham Community Network and Lytham Mummies helping local families around the area.  All items to be clean, in good working order and safe. Bear in mind, that these are groups you have to join and take note of the rules you have to agree to before joining.  If you have any queries contact any of the ADMIN directly,  a list of them/names are usually on the About page.

There are also other local FB pages such as Lytham St Annes Recycle Buy Sell Swap Or Give For Free and other similar pages all over the Fylde and  Lancashire, just make sure there is FREE in the name, otherwise there are buying pages to post them on (more further down)

There is also the regional/national website freecycle.org/



Any of the above plus Adult Clothing of course can be given to Charity.

Fold & Parcel up CLEAN items and take to your favourite charity shops …..there are lots about, but please check first whether they are accepting items at the present moment

(Please, please make sure they ARE clean though. One of my friends recently volunteered and she could not believe the state of some of the things left in bags for them to sort through! Yuk! Don’t be that person!)


Post your items with a reasonable price (be realistic, they are second hand goods) plus good photos (really they DO make a difference) on Lytham AdvertisingLytham St Annes Swap, Buy And Sell Household Goods  Fylde Coast ,buy ,sell ,swap !  most of these are groups so you will have to ‘request’ to join, and read the rules carefully on what you can/cannot post .

There is also FB Marketplace HERE which helps you post to multiple local FB groups at the same time.



This vintage and antique shop in the Old Dairy was opened (fittingly) by none other than Fiona Bruce in 2018  .You can donate or sell and all  funds help with the project of restoring  Lytham Hall one of the Fylde’s only Grade I listed Buildings

Loving run by Zoe and Gene Give them a call on 07980242312 or contact them via website to see you have what they are looking for..

More about them in a separate blog coming soon!! 



Lytham Hall also accept books that are sold inside the Hall, near the Tea Rooms, as do many local charity shops


You could get creative yourself if you are so inclined see, The Greeting Card Recycle Project HERE

If not channelling your inner Kirsty Allsop there is a Mother & Daughter in Warton that will take them off your hands and make new cards out of old it’s KathsHandmadeKards send a message via Facebook or call them on 07870 103347

If all else fails put in the Brown Bin


If you have a new tech at Christmas, you can recycle your old items, including ipads, tablets, smartwatches, games consoles and even digital cameras at compareandrecycle.co.uk/

Lytham Lifestyle recycling

Oh oh, turns out there is 6 in all

Lytham Lifestyle Recycling