I cannot imagine even being in hospital over Christmas but it’s inevitable some people will be and as we don’t know what the visitor restrictions will be, they could be there alone, but, the sad truth is that some don’t have visitors anyway. It is heartbreaking and any small thing we can do as a community can bring a little light to what is a difficult day for some.

Blue Skies Hospital Fund

For those of you that don’t know Blue Skies is the charity for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Enhancing Patient Experience in Blackpool, and around the Fylde. They have all different types of fundraising from the lovely to the downright bonkers and everything in between. They would LOVE to hear your ideas, check out what’s going on at the moment on their website www.bfwh.nhs.uk/blueskies/  You can also donate in a loved one’s memory, in your will, or buy some of their branded merchandise which is a fab idea for gifts all year round.

Why not sign up for updates (This link will take you straight there) www.bfwh.nhs.uk/blueskies/contact/

Local lady Kila Redfearn is Head of Fundraising at Blue Skies Hospital Funds explains how they will tackle the 2020 restrictions

Each year Blue Skies Hospitals Funds calls on the community to donate gifts so we can ensure each patient has a present to open on Christmas morning. This year we need to do things differently.

Due to Covid -19 we cannot collect gifts or encourage people to bring items to the hospital as we want to keep everyone safe.

£5 will enable us to buy a gift for a patient.to receive a gift on Christmas morning, it makes the day a little less lonely for them. 

This poster says it all.

Give a Fiver Blue Skies Hospital Fund

You can donate easily (and remember the Gift Aid too) here and feel wonderful on Christmas Day for being somebody’s Secret Santa! But you can donate MORE than a fiver for extra good feelings!