I originally wrote this after Xmas, but as the year has gone on, my thoughts are still the same or maybe even more determined to do what ever I can to recycle, re purpose and re use, and if it can go to a charity or helping someone else, so much the better!!

Too much ‘STUFF’

First let me point out BEFORE anyone else does that I am a complete hoarder myself so have NO right to be telling anyone what to do, but on the flip side I do KNOW the theory inside out! There is the one in – one out theory, the feng shui principles, the KonMari method…………… yes I really do spend MORE time reading about it than doing it!!


If you are giving for FREE. There is a brilliant Facebook Page Lytham Leg Up! helping local families. All items to be clean, in good working order and safe. If you have any queries just post a question or contact any of the ADMIN directly the list is on the About page.

There are also other local FB pages such as Lytham St Annes Recycle Buy Sell Swap Or Give For Free and other similar pages all over Lancashire, just make sure there is FREE in the name, otherwise there are buying pages to post them on.


Cuthberts Emporium Lytham Hall

This vintage and antique shop in one of the renovated out houses opened in 2018  . All stock is all gifted in kind and all  funds help with the project of restoring  Lytham Hall one of the  Fylde’s finest building. Call the Estate office for collection of larger items and for more info 01253 736652.


Lytham Hall also accept books that are sold inside the Hall, near the Tea Rooms, as do many local charity shops



(including NEW Socks, Gloves & Underwear) Debbie Wilkinson (of Lytham Businesses No4 Salon & Fat Cat Club) is a Trustee (and frequent helper) at the Amazing Graze Soup Kitchen and will gratefully receive any donations.


There is a home for used Xmas cards or ANY used greeting cards to be recycled into new). Contact Kath McLemon on FaceBook


Fold & Parcel up CLEAN items and take to your favourite charity shops …..there are lots about!  One of my friends recently volunteered and she could not believe the state of some of the things left in bags for them to sort through! Yuk! Don’t be that person!


Post your items with a reasonable price (be realistic, they are second hand goods) plus good photos (really they DO make a difference) on Lytham AdvertisingLytham St Annes Swap, Buy And Sell Household Goods  Fylde Coast ,buy ,sell ,swap !  most of these are groups so you will have to ‘ask’ to join, and read the rules on what you can/cannot post carefully.

There is also FB Marketplace HERE which helps you post to some local FB groups at the same time.


Further afield

Children’s ShoesClarks are supporting UNICEF raising money through shoe donations. ShoeShare drop off points are in more than 500 Clarks stores nationwide, please check before you take though HERE
Warm Coats

Seriously how many coats does the average person have? Well most of my family probably have 3 x average, so a new way of donating is via ‘Wrap Up’ initiative, but hold on to them for a little while yet as Totally Rotary Group (a satellite of Rotary Lytham) are involved in the project. More info soon.

Electrical Items

The British Heart Foundation will take large & small electrical items as well as any household furniture  (terms & conditions apply) HERE


The Charity Against Breast Cancer will receive and recycle a great many things such as Bra’s, General Clothing, Mobile Phones and Printer Cartridges, Read more HERE

I hope this helps you ‘recycle’ and declutter all that you can, and maybe help someone out as well!

WIN WIN Situation!