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Professionally refurbished ex-corporate laptops for sale in the North West UK

Why a laptop? Well, it’s obviously portable and a bigger screen size than your phone or tablet, plus some people prefer the feel of ‘keys; rather than touchsreen. Plus they cannot be beaten for being multi purpose, use for watching films, when Downtown Abbey is on the main telly, or Downton Abbey when James Bond is on! Playing online games. If you are working from home they sit nicely on a desk/ kitchen table/your lap, take it when seeing clients to show them exactly what you mean, or just use for a bit of online shopping, so a great asset for the whole family.

North West Laptops

If you are buying your first laptop or just want something a bit newer or of a higher spec than you currently have, there is SO much out there, it’s hard to know just where to start! You can also pay a kings ransom for lots or ‘tech’ you dont really need!

There is then the whole aspect of recycling that appeals, the less demand for new IT the less will be made. Very often refurbished ones have only been taken out of the box or had very minor repairs nd therefore cannot be sold as NEW yet cost you £100’s of pounds less!

Graham has years of experience in the IT industry and he knows his stuff! Just give him your requirements and budget and he will magic up something perfect and what’s more he can load MicroSoft Office (with a Lifetime license) for an extra £20 or £10 if you quote Lytham Life and Style when ordering.

All big brand names and makes and six month warranty on everything!






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