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I love front doors, I always wonder what’s behind them, what do they lead to? A big majestic hallway with a chandelier and Victorian tiles, or a little porch with a peg board full of coats & hats, or a narrow corridor with family photos or straight into the a cosy front room or a modern open plan space

There are some stunning ones locally, all shapes, sizes and colours.

If you are inspired to paint your front door, are you aware of the Feng Shui principles?

Feng Shui Colours (summary provided by Lytham Therapies)

Annette explains

Within Feng Shui the front door is classed as the ‘gate of Qi’. When the ‘gate of Qi is in alignment with the Feng Shui rules, it is believed to attract the high quality Qi energy into our home. This high quality Qi energy enables those living in the environment to encounter and enjoy great health, happy and grounded relationships along with successful careers.

The door colour is dependent upon the direction the door is facing. So, how do you discover the colour that your front door needs to be? Well you’ll need a compass to establish the direction, and the direction that your door faces will determine what colour you should paint it. The following are the corresponding colours for each direction:

North…blue or black (Water Element)

North East…golds, creams and yellows (Earth 4 Element)

North West…golds, creams and yellows (Earth 16 Element)

South…red, plum and pink (Fire Element)

South East…golds, creams and yellows (Earth 11 Element)

South West… golds, creams and yellows (Earth 3 Element)

West…whites, pale greys and silver (Metal Element)

East…greens (Wood Element)

Out of interest my door is the right colour (Green), but not by design!!

Even if these principles are not for you, it may be worth a try? Even if not always ensure that your front door looks inviting and is in good order, and by this I mean, ensuring that your handles, hinges and locks, are polished and nicely presented, and ensure the same applies to your door knockers and bells too. As important is to make sure that the entrance to your house is clutter free, well-lit and smelling good, and if you can have a nice hanging basket or some tubs providing seasonal focus.

This is what estate agents call “kerb appeal”

SO are you thinking of buying or selling some time soon

They say that moving house is the No.1 MOST stressful events in your life, that’s why engaging a local independent Estate Agents to get the RIGHT Advice & Support, can help you avoid feeling like this!

Coastal Property Group Lytham


There is a massive explosion in Internet Estate agents just recently, just as there is in almost everything, but still truly believe that you get a better service from LOCAL & INDEPENDENT.

The Coastal Property Group  in Lytham a family run business (Father & Daughter) have in depth knowledge and many years experience to help buy, sell or rent in the local area.

They pride themselves on being members of the Property Ombudsman Scheme.

They offer a bespoke conveyancing service which is designed to save you some time once your offer has been accepted. With a panel of specially chosen solicitors already appointed to handle the property purchase and provide Guaranteed fees including the VAT with No hidden extras.

A Director of The Coastal Property Group will oversee your purchase from the outset and will be available at every step of the way online progress reports keeping you fully up to date with the progress of your purchase

They also provide reassurance through an on-site mortgage advisor

Having their own in house mortgage advisor means that they can provide the back up and support you need to get you through the Mortgage process. Whether you are a first time buyer, re-mortgaging or wanting a Buy To Let mortgage they are here to help.

The Coastal Property group also offer buildings and contents insurance and Income protection and have negotiated Exclusive premiums for The Coastal Property Group clients.

They can help you find your new front door!!

Coastal Property Group Lytham

Photos taken by George who is a Creative Media Student looking for projects….