Lytham Insanity and PiYo


The popular Insanity and PiYo sessions taking the world by storm are run locally by Mark Evans, in order to keep his members motivated he put out this statement. I realised it also applies to anyone pursuing and fitness programme…… here it is!


Notoriously this month is where people across the UK train the least! There really is no reason why this happens. None at all.The perception is that we are all busier and don’t have time……but are we really? Or that it’s darker & colder outside…….but most training is indoors, so what’s the difference???Or many will say “…I will just wait to start again in January…”

Whatever the excuse, people use them & even worse, they influence others to use them!

So what motivation do we need…?

Look up this word – ATROPHY! = gradually decline in effectiveness or vigour due to underuse or neglect. Simply put,  it means what we GAIN after all our hard work, we lose fairly quickly! In many cases it’s half the time!

So, you stop now until January or hardly attend classes, then all of those gains of the last 4-6 weeks will slowly disappear over the next 3-4 weeks!

Don’t do it! November training by many of you has been very impressive. So look at your schedule and PLAN PLAN PLAN!

Don’t, throw away all your hard work. Make class. GRIND them out!