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Is the time NOW?

There comes a time in life when we feel that we’ve had enough of living our lives the way we are!

Change is necessary to make positive change in life…change helps us to grow as a person.   Confidence and Self Esteem How good it would be to feel calm, relaxed, and self-assured? How good it would feel to have a healthy sense of confidence and self-esteem? How great would it be to feel more confident socially and in your career? How great would it feel to change your relationships…your career… your life…

This day workshop in Lytham Lose your Mind gives you the tools & techniques to change the way you look at life, the way you tackle issues and problems, and the way you COULD live going forward.

This could JUST be Marketing blurb, were it not for the fact that my daughter and I attended the last workshop! I can honestly say it has affected both our lives in very positive ways. There is also massive support, as you bring away a booklet, so you don’t have to remember everything and a Facebook group plus there are also follow up sessions should you wish to delve further.

Tutored by Annette Brown of Lytham Therapies

SO can £50 pair of shoes, change your life? A session at a Spa? Meal out with friends?? I suppose they can to a small extent……but for a lasting, potential life changing experience…it’s got to be worth it!!

SO do you want to lose your mind… could be the best thing you ever did! Call her now on 01253 969695

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