AKS Bugsy Malone Lytham

Bugsy Malone AKS School at Lowther Theatre, Opening Night

Actually did wonder how they were going to top last year’s performance of Sweeney Todd, but they did, in a brilliantly and creatively adapted mix of drama, music, dancing and gangland wars!


Bugsy Malone is loosely based on Al Capone type gangland wars in Prohibition New York, a story of goodies and baddies, or should that be baddies and baddies? Ultimately and as with most things it’s about life and of course love.


Fantastic performances by all, but my personal favourites were Fat Sam, Bugsy, Blousey and Fizzy plus showing great comedic promise O’Dreary and Babyface

The chorus were everything, from reporters to boxers to workers in a Chinese laundry and every single one of them was animated and engaged.

The musical numbers and the dancing girls were well just….stunning!

Through it all I had to keep reminding myself these are kids and not West End Stage Performers…well not yet, but pretty sure some of them will be!!

The Setting

Love the new flexible layout at Lowther Theatre, the whole main floor transformed into Fat Sams Speakeasy, the schools own band where playing from entering the theatre which really added to the atmosphere right out of the Prohibition era (1920s/30) ….and plus the bar was open!

The stage set was simple but effective and I loved the creative use of props and effects, I did wonder how the “splurge guns” were going to be incorporated, without it getting terribly messy!!

Completely inspired programme too which is your copy of the Daily Record. which has lots of info about the cast, producers and the school.

AKS bugsy malone cast lytham


Some comments from the audience

What a great show, they are all so talented hard to believe this is an amateur performance

I didn’t know the story of Bugsy Malone but I read about it in the Daily Record!

I’ve never been to Lowther Theatre before, and am now going to be watching for what else is coming on

Think this has inspired my kids to get into a Drama Group


AKS Bugsy  Malone Lytham daily record

Massive Well Done all at AKS Drama team and everyone involved, as it can’t be easy putting on a Production like this with all the other academic/life demands.

Cant wait to see what they come up with next time!