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Yes we all have them, that creeping dread when you know you have to by a birthday or Xmas gift for someone, who on the face of it, has everything, or you don’t have a personal insight to what they really like, or they are relatives of your other half, and your other half is NO help at all!!

Some universal suggestions here, from a great local website What I Always Wanted

Mum/Mother in Law/Aunt

You could buy soaps or toiletries, which are perfectly acceptable gifts, but let’s get more creative

How about a beautiful, classic and quite gorgeous piece of jewellery

My favorite pieces from a selection here

What I Always Wanted jewellry Montage

Find your ideal jewelry gift here What I Always Wanted Jewelry Selection


Brother/Brother in Law/Sisters Boyfriend/Uncle

Sorry but guys are notoriously hard to buy for….apart from socks!

Just a few options from a great selection including personalised dog cushion, silk tie, quirky t shirt and kitchen sign

what I Always Wanted montage Gifts for Men

For more options see here Handpicked Gifts for Men

Teenage Daughter/Sister/Niece

Here’s a few suggestions, funky tights. a pretty umbrella,  cute necklaces, personalised pet cushion or a boots one, and a peg board for Bits & Bobs

What I Always Wanted montage teenager Gifts

Smug Marrieds or New Parents

Some people buy ‘couple’ gifts which sometimes makes it MORE difficult! No worries here is some help, these include fabulous metal & wood bird, Family ChalkBoard, Quirky Cutlery Print for the Dining Room, Personalised Love Line, brilliant Birth Cushion or Laser Cut Print in Oak Frame

What I Always Wanted Couples Gifts

These are just my suggestions, there is SO much more on the website whatialwayswanted.com/

If all else fails, for ladies, you cant beat chocolate & shoes…..and you can have both in one!!

What I Alwats Wanted Chocolate Shoes

There are lots more options and colours and even baby shoes see here Chocolate Shoes

And remember What I Always Wanted is NOT JUST for Xmas!