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First read ‘4 Steps to Buying Lingerie for Your Wife, Girlfriend, or Significant Other’ outlined in a brilliant blog by Treacle on Wise Bread here…

Guys, there are REAL brownie points to be gained here. Firstly it shows you have put some thought into it and what’s more, it shows you want HER to feel good.

The MAJOR word of caution though, is you need to buy for HER and not YOU.


Beyonce lingerie

And then?

The most important 5th step is where to buy.

DO NOT , I repeat DO NOT buy at a SUPERMARKET.  There’s nothing wrong with US buying from there…….but as a present, purleeese! You want something special that you cant buy with the baked beans!

Take the tips in the linked article above as to determining size, colours, shapes, etc.

Also this is NOT the time to be a cheapskate, its going to cost you more than a box of chocolates, but if you really add it up she’s priceless.

All this is a bit “tongue in cheek” and possibly you are the greatest lingerie shopper EVER. If so good for you!! But if you are a novice, as with anything, practice makes perfect.

And Where?

Most towns do still have lingerie shops, and small independents are always best to build a rapport with them……because when you have it SO right you will be popping back to add to her collection.

In Lytham we have Pure Mischief on Henry Street where Gwynth and the staff are ready to take time to choose the perfect gift for your lady! (Don’t worry there isn’t anything in the “what not to buy list” there, so you cant really go wrong). Unless of course, peep hole and tassles are her ‘thing’ ……if that’s the case you are in the wrong place.

They’re stockists of all the main and luxury lingerie brands. Beautiful colours, textures, fabrics in all shapes and sizes.

You KNOW she deserves something gorgeous this year… apart from you.  Obviously!

Pure Mischief

If you’re local, visit them or look at the Pure Mischief website HERE