Shopping for men

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

It’s ALWAYS difficult to buy for men, unless he has a hobby or is into fitness. So instead of some head scratching or buying a HMV voucher, or worse even SOCKS, here is a little inspiration and there is a feel good factor too you are buying local and supportinglocal business!


For the man who is traditional, he likes what he likes, no one is going to sway him to think otherwise, and why would you want to, as you secretly admire his ethos (even though he IS infuriating some times)

Timothy’s the Jewellers have a range of items including cuff links, watches, clocks, money clips and for all budgets and tastes. Some of the precious gem cuff links are just stunning and set in gold that will become his favorites for years to come, oh and does that blue match his eyes?? (Lucky you!)

Timothys Jewellers Lytham

The Fat Cat Club, although the name is arguably retro ‘trendy’ they offer traditional barbering and shaves, pus ALL the products to keep him neat at home, so either book him in or buy a voucher.

An extremely good Craft Gin and winning awards all over the place, AND in it’s very first year too! Lytham Gin and now in 4 versions and NOW available in local Booths as well as at Le Roti and the Sand Grown Spirits Website 

Lytham distilled Lytham Gin

A Photographic Print from award winning local photographer Mark McNeill Face Book Shop HERE 

for his study, lounge, bedroom, hall  or his office

Lots of local scenes, Lytham, St Annes, Lake District, Yorkshire plus ‘Astro’ photography, this one is called Sycamore Gap

Sycamore Gap Mark McNeill photographer


For a guy who thinks he is cool, and IS (most of the time) he’s trying to be a metrosexual man, but sometimes just falls a little short, so help him on his way!

Time for him to update his look at Broadhurst Optometrists, with inspirational & aspirational eyewear ranges, treat him to something like these stunners from Danish Brand Lindberg 

Broadhurst Optometrist Lytham

More & more men are loving aromas, and now ‘get’ our candle obsession and with many masculine mixes in candle, diffuser, hand wash & lotion at Millie and Mini, his bedroom, en suite or office will always smell divine.


Help him make memories, you can even do these together (double whammy)

You really cant go wrong with Lytham Festival tickets, there will be a night (or a couple) to suit his musical tastes, if you miss 2019 then watch out for 2020 details

Lytham Festival


Open Air Theatre at Lytham Hall, a whole new season to look forward to HERE

Lytham Hall Open Air Theatre Season 2019

Foodie Option -Take him out for a meal or buy a voucher for Spago Mediterranean Seafood Restaurant

Spago Mediterranean Seafood Restaurant Lytham


Is he still using a frankly ancient and very sloooooooooooow laptop.  A refurbished model can be just like new and so much more affordable than a Brand New One plus, you are helping to save the planet (great feeling). Graham from North West Laptops has Ultra Fast, HD, Think Pads, ProBooks (and many more words I dont fully understand, but it doesn’t matter Graham does) and will find the right fit for his requirements..

North West Laptops

Health & Fitness

If he likes walking or would like to take it up, The North West Way, a Book by Lytham Walker Steve Garill 

north west way walking book

Hope this has helped with some suggestions! NO MORE SOCKS …………….just saying!