Life’s TOO Short…………..

To wear boring glasses!

More and more these days glasses (and sunglasses) are a fashion statement as well as a functional item, and lots of people have a ‘wardrobe’ of looks, not just the one pair.

As they are sat slap bang in the middle of your face, they are MORE noticeable than (say) your shoes. They are an extension of YOU, they say what YOU are about, what YOU are telling the world. A bit of help is at hand in finding the perfect look.

The Service

We had an appointment with the lovely Wendy Halton, who as well as a dispenser, is also a ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ consultant, this concept came to prominence in the 80’s although Colour Analysis  & Colour Psychology  has been around for centuries! Broadhurst’s Optometrists offer this complimentary service at both their Lytham & Preston branches by appointment.Wendy Colour Consultant at Broadhurst Optometrists

The Models

My female model for the day was Alex (sometime LythamGirlDiaries blogger) and at the last minute my male model was unavailable, so an hilarious hour ensued, trying to find a MAN!

Alex came up trumps with Domenico,  he’s from Naples and does not at yet speak much English, so there were lots of gesticulations and facial expressions going on. However he did know literally ALL the designer names, and shared with us that he owns 48 pairs of sunglasses, suppose there is more need for them in Naples.

The Process

Wendy explained that most people fall into 4 main colour categories Spring- Summer-Autumn-Winter, the perfect ‘match’ range for you, can change the light and shade ‘thrown’ on to your face, and bring out the best in your skin colour and eyes.  We do KNOW this to a certain extent, that some colours just make us look good, more so than others.

Wendy sat them down in front of large mirror in purpose built, and stylish, consultation area. She then draped various swatches around their necks. It was remarkable what a difference the RIGHT range of colours did. She talked us through the the colour palettes and how you can introduce them into your wardrobe even if you do normally play it safe with neutrals ……(yes gentlemen I am mostly referring to you!). With Wendy’s lilting Irish accent you could actually listen to her all day.

Colour consultation and Broadhurst Optometrists Lytham

Armed with this colour information Wendy gathered a selection of frames to try on, these included some iconic and inspirational designer ranges such as Dior, Blackfin, Tom Ford, Anne et Valentin, Bocca Divine. Kirk & Kirk. Face a Face, and many many more, some exclusive to the North West UK, read more about Broadhurst’s ranges here HERE Broadhurst Lytham designer selection

Trying On

Then the fun began trying on the different glasses (and sunglasses), it was quite astounding the variation of shapes, colours and weights

Broadhursts Eyewear Lytham

Broadhursts Eyewear Lytham


Wendy, the consummate professional has asked me to point out the chosen glasses were tried on for colour and not fit

Although our models went for ‘subtle’  it is surprising how much of a difference, that solid colours versus marbled or even ‘shot’ through with another colour can make!

If YOU are a little more adventurous  there are some amazing colours and shapes in the ranges mentioned before. these are particular favourites of mine by Kirk & Kirk

Kirk & Kirk at Broadhursts Lytham

Kirk & Kirk at Broadhurst Lytham 2

Or a patterned option by Alain Mikli

broadhurst alain mikli Lytham

SO pop into Broadhursts on Market Square Lytham. You have probably walked or driven past a hundred times, but maybe never ventured in. It is a stunning space and has featured highly in design media (more of that in a future blog), make an appointment with Wendy and your life & your face could be transformed by colour!


Lytham 01253 734791
Preston 01772 822591