Ok. So it’s official British Summer Time is over and even though we have been blessed with some sunny days, there is a definitive nip in the air. So less outdoor living and making the most of your garden but more snuggling down with the tv, a good film or a book.

As with your clothing wardrobe you don’t wear the same all year round, so why should your home?

It doesn’t take a enormous redesign or make over, just a few key pieces to give it a warm glow

No. 1  Throws

Sopers Throws

So much choice here, and whether texture or colour (or both) a throw draped across your favorite chair or sofa, looks fabulous and can be draped round your knees or shoulders in the depths of winter. Also great in the bedrooms too.

No.2 “Strokable” cushions

Sopers Furry Cushions

Staying with texture, how about some furry or knitted cushions, so much warmer to the touch than cotton or silk

No.3 LightingSopers lights

Although we need extra light especially when it goes dark almost mid-afternoon, we don’t need bright harsh light. You can buy Warm White bulbs to replace what you have or add an amazing chandelier or extra side lamps adding little “puddles” of a glow, very inviting.

No.4 Candles

Sopers Yankee Candles

We all know that smells evoke certain feelings and memories. So anything spicy containing cinnamon, cloves or ginger gives a nice cozy aroma, as does vanilla, or anything “baked”. Also there are some amazing blends from Yankee Candles such as Christmas Eve and Cosy by the Fire


No.5 Colour

Sopers Colours

Although there is the trend for stark colours or white and cream, in a “minimalist” décor, the colder seasons can be warmed up with flashes of burnt orange, mustard, plum, teal, sage green, soft blues and if you are brave enough,  reds and fushias.

These choices have been made at Soper’s Bespoke in St Annes THE destination for everything Interior, browse their  stunning room sets to get some inspiration.