Here are just a few reasons why independent creative florists are a much better choice on Valentines Day or any day!

They supports the local economy

As well as being good for the community’s well-being and a sign of a good high street, independent florists along with other independents tend to recycle a much larger part of their revenue back into their town. They often live close by their business, employ local people to work with them and use local suppliers & tradesmen themselves.

Support local lytham


They pay a fair price to the growers

Did you know that when you buy flowers from an independent florist, the grower gets more money for its product? When you buy from big retailers or online only a small percentage of the revenue actually goes to the one who grew the beautiful blooms. Because of the economy of scale, big business drive down the price to individual growers, very often with a detrimental effect on nurseries. Independent business pay a fair price to help keep the industry alive.

Ben Cross Crosslands

Ben Cross. Crosslands Flower Nursery, Arundel, West Sussex

They provide that Personal touch

Independent florists know what their locals and regulars want, and can bespoke designs to suit your individual and sometimes quirky requests.  They can cater for YOU rather than trying to please a wider, much more varied public. You also get that personal touch and advice that supermarkets just can’t provide. Plus offer tea and condolence or bubbly and congratulations.

Tatiana Zharkova. of Bond and Bloom Lytham

Tatiana Zharkova. of Bond & Bloom with the bouquet she lovingly made for Kyle Minogue

They source Unique & Quality Blooms

Supermarkets can be limited, in offering  tried-and-tested varieties, whereas a specialist independent florist can pick and choose from thousands of unique and sometimes lesser know flowers. Floral consumers who realise the value of trusting the florist’s creativity over a generic internet or barcoded item receive much better and longer lasting flowers. Supermarkets, for example, focus too much on the mass market and produce bouquets that all look alike. That’s really not quite so special for your someone special.

They add Extra Love

Whilst making up your individual bouquets or floral displays an independent florist pours in their LOVE, Love for their job, Love for their hard earned craft and the wish to delight their customers.

Valentines day, or any day keep money in your community and help the small independent florists in survive and thrive.

Thank you for shopping independently.

Suzanne Taylor of Lytham Floral Artisans  Bond & Bloom

Bond & Bloom Florist Lytham Sketch