Life in Balance

What does it mean to relax? It does mean different things to different people, but for me it is getting away from the home, from family or from anything that detracts from switching off COMPLETELY! It would of course be lovely if we could go to a spa on a regular basis, but most of us do not have the time or the funds to do that. So, what is the BEST use of an hour and the DEEPEST relaxation you can get??

Facial Reflexology and Cranio Sacral Therapy are two, lesser known Holistic Therapies recently on offer at a new tranquil dedicated space called ‘The Loft’ on Pleasant Street, and although it’s the bustling No4 Salon beneath, when the door is shut you are transported to another place. With the lovely aromas from the products used in the treatment and the beautiful music from nature,  it immediately put you into a peaceful state.

The two therapists Claire and Anna met when looking for space in which to work and they became true soul sisters.

ToetoSoul Holistics and Anna Clarkson Cranio Sacral Therapy

New to Lytham, I was offered a session of each (love my ‘job’) I decided to take the Facial Reflexology, and let my mum have the Cranio Sacral Therapy, more of that later.

Facial Reflexology

For my session, first Claire sat me down to fill in a questionnaire which any therapist worth their salt would do to find out if there is any health issues etc. Run do not walk to the nearest exist if your therapist does not do this! Claire was trained by acclaimed Ziggi Bergman, hence her version of this therapy is called the Bergman Method

Facial Reflexology Lytham

She gave me the options of which product she would use N.B. ALL the products are cruelty free, ethically sourced and produced and have no animal products contained within them. Some of the reflexology waxes are beeswax, vegan alternatives are also available should you wish.

Facial Reflexology Lytham

We are all aware of how we feel when we carry tension in our faces, our jaws feel tender, our sinuses sluggish and we are more prone to headaches and we just feel ‘muzzy’, not clear headed.

Just like other forms of Reflexology, parts of your face link to an corresponding internal organ but more than that it also incorporates the Chinese theories of energy flow, and meridians or energy channels which if these are blocked, causes an imbalance …………and life is ALL about balance. Basically, the session has the benefits of the holistic therapy but with an added Beauty Bonus of making your skin glow. As facial reflex firms the muscles, it can help reduce fine lines, increase lymphatic drainage and blood supply to the face too.

On the therapy bed, Claire worked all over my face with, in some instances a light barely-there touch and a firmer and definite pressure in some places. All the facial and muscle tension soon dissolved away not just from my face but all over.

I was extremely relaxed and even felt like I was floating. (This has happened once before during a Reiki session) The smell of the products used were heady and beautiful, I really did not want the session to end. But it did, and interesting enough Claire asked if I had trouble with my left ear, I didn’t at that time, but had earache later that week so I swear it was an early identification, so take note of what she says after the session. The ‘upside was I slept like a baby not only that night but for several nights after that, I felt clearer headed to tackle some of the projects I am working on and I swear my skin felt smoother and felt I didn’t want to wear as much make up!

You have nothing to lose by seeing Claire for a chat and see what she can do for you, she also offers a taster session.

She really knows her oils and also gives talks on the benefits plus can also offer Foot Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, AromaTouch and Reiki

toe to soul holistic therapy Lytham

More details on her website here

Cranio Sacral Therapy

A few days later I took Mum for her Cranio Sacral Therapy with Anna. This highly technical sounding therapy aids in the flow of cerebral spinal fluid

Anna works with a feather light touch by placing her hands on the cranium and/or sacrum (lower spine) and intuitively connecting with the bodies energy system, feeling where imbalances exist and returning you to a place of equilibrium.

anna clarkson Cranio Sacral Therapy Lytham

Mum had her consultation with Anna prior to the treatment to establish what Mum’s concerns were and  I helped Anna get her on to the Therapy bed, then I took my leave.

Anna Clarkson sacral therapy Lytham

When I returned, she was back off the bed and sat on the sofa, bright eyed and bushy tailed and a bit emotional (which Anna said could happen) as when we look at the ‘wholeness’ it takes in mind, body and spirit. Giving Anna a huge hug, I took her home.

On the way Mum said she had fallen asleep for part of the session and didn’t really remember much about it, but over the next few days she said she felt a ‘lightness’ physically and mentally and although she does walk with a stick and she says feels less ‘wobble-ey’ (her words)

If it’s something you who like to try, you’d be in great company as George Clooney is a fan too.

Something that Anna was telling me that Cranio Sacral therapy is particularly helpful for treating newborns and infants and she loves working on babies. Sometimes difficulty in nursing can be a result of tensions and restrictions in the baby’s head, spine or body.  These pressures sometimes have been brought by fast, long or induced labours, forceps or vacuum assisted births, or Cesarean births.

Holistic Therapies Lytham

It is a unique and not widely practiced therapy and believe Anna may be the only one on the Fylde Coast.

Find out more details here

It you want to try something new please do give one or both these ladies a try, the are both lovely people and are passionate about their fields of therapy. That for me is key!