That IS the question.

Travel Counsellor Claire get asked this a lot, and as with all holidays, it is all down to what YOU want and how to get maximum benefit for what is probably the largest expense in your year.

‘It’s easier with kids to go short haul’ some parents say, but that’s a myth that needs exploding!  Often, it’s night flights on offer to long haul destinations, which let your kids naturally circadian rhythm work in your favour!  Instead of seeing your flights & transfers as a necessary evil make them part of the whole adventure and stop overs each way are a parent’s best friend too! On the whole, long haul carriers are roomier, provide much better in-flight entertainments, meals and drinks plus there is a bit more room to walk around, stretch you legs etc.

Long Haul v Short Hop with Claire Husdon Travel Counselor

So, you’ve ‘done’ Spain, The Balearics, Portugal, Tenerife, they have sun, kids’ clubs, ‘safe’ yet staid food offerings, relatively recognisable towns & streets, but you are hankering after a little more ……excitement, an adventure maybe, long haul is for you, and your kids WILL love it!

Long Haul v Short Hop with Claire Husdon Travel Counselor

Broadens your Horizons

They say that travel broadens the mind and it’s true, you will return with a far better appreciation of the places you have visited, they are no longer a dot on the map or the globe, or somewhere you have seen on the TV.  You and your children’s memory bank will be overflowing! Plus there are longer term benefits too

Travelling provides children with unique experiences that will broaden their horizons and open their minds to learning. It is necessary to expose your children to various cultures that will leave a beneficial impact on them for the rest of their lives.

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Exotic destinations, like Thailand, Mexico, India, Caribbean, Africa, the list is endless and all very different, but what they DO have in common is; interesting cultures, fascinating history, alternative religion and diverse cuisine. While you are over there, you may as well make it two centres, plus add in your stopover means you may have visited at least 3 countries, you have stepped out of your comfort zone and you will be eager to try even MORE new places!

More tuk tuk for your buck

At one time there was a huge price difference between short hops and long haul but the gap is narrowing and, in some instances, comparable. The other advantage is the cost of holidaying while you are there! We’ve all got used to the rising costs of European destinations making them less appealing and with the whole Brexit thing, who knows what is to come!

The daily costs in particular the Far East including food, drink, bottled water, transportation (taxis and tuk-tuks) are just mind-blowingly cheap, and what is more tipping is not required in most countries (worth checking though).

As a comparison to what you can spend on one snack, drinks & ice cream in Spain you can spend per day in the Far East and that’s including alcoholic drinks. The cities and airports will obviously be more expensive though.

It can also put you closer to nature by learning and maybe visiting indigenous flora & fauna, although Travel Counselors  would advocate responsible tourism and that’s how and why a TC can help.

Long Haul v Short Hop with Claire Husdon Travel Counselor

Get them involved

When you have booked your adventure, a great lead up is to get the kids involved in planning what you are going to see and do when you get there, your TC can help with options. Trying the food of the country is a great idea, as so as you can find out what they like and do not like before you get there. Make some dishes at home or eat out.

Long Haul v Short Hop with Claire Husdon Travel Counselor

There doesn’t seem to be a downside, but please do remember, there are some far flung places that you will need to get some form of inoculations and always be aware that the cheaper times tend to border the rainy or stormy seasons, but having a Travel Counsellor to advise at every step of your holiday/adventure is a great advantage, and if they don’t know the answer to all your queries, they have a network of  literally thousands of TC’s worldwide to call on.

(I myself have experience this first hand, the visa we had for Vietnam only had a single entry in and out of the country. We managed to mess up by doing a side trip (on our own) to a Vietnamese island for a couple of days, so in theory we were not allowed back in! A lovely local TC actually came to the airport to sort it out!!)

You do need to be more organised in that large shops & supermarkets are few and far between, so if there is something essential or the kids cant live without, I would suggest you take it with you, but another plus is you do get a greater baggage allowance on long haul flights.

Long Haul v Short Hop with Claire Husdon Travel Counselor

So, let this be the year you have not just a holiday, but an adventure!  You will never be the same again!

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