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corvid 19 support Lytham

Have you any questions or queries but not too sure where to ask them or getting conflicting advice on your posts??
This originally started as ‘Ask the Panel’  where several kind people (listed below) agreed to help try and answer your questions, and whereas we thought the questions would be of a practical nature, we were shocked to discover most turned out to be very sad and basically cries for help.


A broad brush summarising the questions so far,  they have been 
Singe parents/parents not coping with their children
People very anxious
People on their own and not being able to see ‘loved ones’
People who are Disabled or with limited mobility getting essential shopping
Queries over the 80% being paid by employers
Whether Lytham Festival will go ahead (still not confirmed)
Employees not being kept in formed by their employers
Furlough information
Where to find help with school work


All these have been answered directly or channeled to somewhere/someone who is more qualified to provide an answer.
So I changed tack and have tried to encompass all the info (and links to them) that you may need and some just to help boost your health and well being. without you having to trawl through Facebook to find the posts.

Community Support

Phone Number for Fylde Council Community Hub 01253 658448


Parent Support

The Parent Platform

Lytham Mummies

Emotional Support

Freedom from Anxious Thoughts and Feelings

Support to Business & Employees

Independent advice for Employers & Employees from Lytham based MYHR Consultancy 01772 846146

List of local business online and delivery

STRONGS FRUIT & VEG: 735088 incl. Tasty Cheese shop cheese
FYLDE MEATS: 735353 meat, groceries and alcohol(!) see FB pg
LYTHAM DIY: 796545 local delivery or brought out to your car.
BLACKSHEEP TEAROOM: 07398 250995 wide range incl. choc. brownies
HEART OF THE HOME: 731441 Kitchenware online + local delivery
PREMIER CONVENIENCE STORE: 729952 very helpful 
LEAFY LYTHAM GARDEN HUB: ring Greg 07597 072161 compost/plants
SANDGROWN SPIRITS: 07480 808660 Gin and Rum
PLACKITT & BOOTH: 796958 250,000 books via Royal Mail
LK9 PETFOOD WAREHOUSE: 795353 free local delivery
SEACROFT BREAKFAST DELIVERY: 721806 delivery Lytham + St Annes
BOOTHS Vuln. people delivery:
MILLIE & MINI: 733233 hand wash/lotion and scented soy candles
THISTLETHWAITE & EDGAR: 739 862 Emergency electrician
ENDLESS PURSUITS: 734298 and FB page, walking gear
LUXURY HAND WASH & LOTION:…/black-pomegranate-hand-wash-lotion 

Kindly compiled be Steve Garrill (see below) and most up to date version can be seen at

I’m trying to find a similar Ansdell/St Annes on Sea one


The original ‘panel’


They are small business owners, ex teachers, cooks, specialists in their fields, but additionally parents, mothers, brothers, uncles etc and happy to take any PRACTICAL questions you may have

Michael Sayward (Small Business Owner & Town Councillor, Brother & Uncle)

Sara Dewhurst (Small Business Owner & Ex Science Teacher, Mother)

David Ashton (Small Business Owner, Ex HR Director, Dad & Grandad)

Amanda Westgate (Small Business Owner, Published Author, Content & Copy Writer, Social Media Savvy Mother)

Steve Garill (Small Business Owner, Published Author, Walker Ex Teacher & DofE facilitator,  Dad & Grandad)

Suzanne Taylor (Small Business Owner, Carer of Elderly Parent, Mother)

Greg Anderson (Small Business Owner, Landscape Gardener, Got the Greenest Fingers of anyone I know)

Me! Denize Ashton – No relation to David btw or any of the famous Ashtons!! (Small Business Owner, Ex Recruiter, Trainer & Facilitator, Mother and Grandmother)

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