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Wondered why I had not heard from my guest Lytham Girl Diaries blogger Alex for a while. now I see why!! Over to you Alex


July and August were a whirlwind of activity for me and my Lytham Girl Diaries, and rightly so I mean it was Summer after all!

There was my pre-birthday, my birthday eve, my actual birthday, my post-birthday (you get the picture), more events at Gusto than I can shake a stick at and I’ll tell you all about them in another blog post….I love to keep you coming back for more! Then there was Lytham Festival week (another pending post), general partying 24/7 or at least it felt like it, my Mum’s 60th birthday celebrations and rounded off by a little bank holiday visit to Italy….a girl needs to wind down post party season.

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So picking up where we left off from the first blog I promised all you lovely people that I’d fill you in on the other new addition to the Lytham scene- Ambiance Bar and Restaurant on Henry Street, and I have four words for you; THE PLACE TO BE!

Boasting “World Class bartenders serving the finest wines, cocktails, champagnes and modern Turkish cuisine” and let them boast because they certainly live up to their claims every time I’ve visited, I wish I could tell you how many times that was, but when you’re having a great time every time who’s counting anyway?!

Believe me when I say I know a good cocktail when I taste one, I’m not afraid to send a bad drink back but in Ambiance I have no worries at all. They serve the best Porn Star Martini’s north of Manchester in my opinion, their bar skills know no bounds and I don’t just mean cocktail making, these boys know how to flair big time! Be sure to go in and check them out. Then make your way upstairs to the restaurant for a taste sensation; the food is delicious, I’d tell you my favourites but I would just be reading out the full menu.

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I like the style and décor in Ambiance, it gives a trendy New York loft feel to the place; exposed white bricks and woodwork complimented by colourful and eclectic artworks and red leather upholstery. When you’re welcomed in by the doorman, greeted pleasantly by the staff and even the owners Mehmet and Metin take the time to come over to you and check that you’re having a good night and if there’s anything they can do for you, you know you’re in a great place. Little courteous touches like that make all the difference in my opinion; it’s nice to feel happy to be somewhere and know that you’re in a friendly atmosphere.

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When I say “the place to be” I mean it; they’ve got a resident DJ playing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night with tunes you can actually dance to. They also host a number of different and equally fabulous nights such as Adam & Eve, Motown, live singers and Latin dancing which is so much fun! There’s never a quiet night at Ambiance, oh except for Monday’s when they’re closed **sad face**.


If you haven’t checked them out yet then what are you waiting for?! They’ve also got a great 2 for £8 offer on at the moment from 4-7pm every day so you can sample those amazing cocktails I’ve been raving about!

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