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Does what it says on the Box

It’s not a new concept, plenty of people are doing it, but not with as much style or authentic menu options.

When the multiple lock downs and restrictions hit the hospitality industry more than most others,  Izzy & Tim’s successful Lytham Fizz business hit a massive bump in the road. Time for some ‘out of the box’ thinking, so to speak.  They had always been ‘foodies’ , eating at some of THE BEST restaurants globally, but equally they are also travelers, getting into the real way of life in the places they have visited, eating where the locals do, trying everything that was on offer, even if they didn’t quite know what it was (brave), real food, made by and for locals of what ever country they were in at the time.

They put this knowledge (and excitement) into their menu options, which includes, street food, specials, tasting menus, vegan & vegetarian options, Little Forkers, and to be perfectly honest, you do wonder what they will come up with next! …….oh, they just did…………….frying pan pizza nights, available every Friday & Saturday (and fun to do with the kids too) and using the finest pizza dough made at Farina Lytham.


Yes, of course you CAN do it yourself, but will you, do you have the time, do you have all the ingredients/spices etc. you DON’T need all of these! Of course, it’s a lovely gift to send round for friends and family too.

NOT needed for HOMEBOX Home Delivery Lytham

The box comes with EVERYTHING you need and brilliant instructions for those of you less culinary challenged! I would definitely follow them on Social Media as things are selling out really fast!

Izzy & Tim, doing some research….too much wasabi for Izzy!

All details are on the sidebar, so browse the website and who knows where in the World it will take you!






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