Lucy Kay Opera Singer

The venue moved at short notice to Blackpool. I intended to do an interview with Lucy and asked her fans on Twitter to send me questions they would like putting to her.

I was then no longer closely involved (as the event was no longer in Lytham St Annes), but felt a responsibility to the people that have sent me questions to ask her.

Lucy and her lovely mum, Glenis have been great in sorting this out. They are both very busy ladies, and I thank them for their time.

Questions taken from many posted by fans and summarised:

“Sensible” Questions

Q Who is your favorite Heavy Rock Band?

A I would have to say Killswitch Engage!

Q How do feel that you have been put in a position to change people’s lives (overcoming bullies)?

A I feel incredibly honoured and overwhelmed, I want to carry on inspiring and supporting those who are and have been going through similar or worse situations – life doesn’t have to end because of these troubles – I’m only one example of coming through bad times and beating the bullies there are so many more – there is so much help out there, no one should feel ashamed and no one should stay silent. I think it’s time for people to stand up and speak, they’re not alone -we are all in this together. So I will continue to support and encourage the young and old through these times in their life through support and anti bullying programmes . X x

Q Where do you find that inner resilience?

A I think, through my passion for singing – if I’m having the most horrific time. I sit and think to myself how incredibly lucky I am to have such a gift that I am able to share with the world and bring happiness to people through the art of song. I also think about how fortunate I am to have a family, a roof over my head, somewhere to sleep, money, food and water. Many people would give anything to have a tiny bit of that or even to live in a county that wasnt in the midst of war, i think we can all get bogged down with day to day life and we truly forget that we are in fact the lucky ones. That always helps me to focus and put things into perspective.

Q Who would your dream duet be with?

A Definitely Andre Bocelli – he is incredible. It would actually make my life complete

Q How much input do you have in what you wear on stage?

A I would say about 70% there is always a criteria to fill – appropriate outfits for the type of audience I’m performing to. I’m very lucky as I have a wide audience range from the ages of 11 to 90 – which is something I’m completely taken back by – so I have to incorporate a bit of a modern style within a classic timeless look.

Q If you could live in any era what would it be?

A Oh it would be the 1940s! I absolutely love the fashion and hair styles! It was a time when women were finally coming into their own, a mix of comfort in daywear and glamour in the evening. Here’s an article from Marie Claire that I love! “Click HERE

 Lucy Kay loves vintage

Image from article

Now for quick fire less sensible ones!!

Q Saturday or Sunday?

A Definitely Saturday because I love the feeling of knowing I have a Sunday morning lay in coming the next day haha

Lucy Kay loves Sundays

Q Red or Pink Lips?

A My preferred lip colour is RED!

Lucy Kay loves red lips

Q Dry Shampoo or Wash?

A Definitely wash!!!!

Q Simon Cowell or David Walliams?

A Ooh a tough one – Simon helped me so much through my time on BGT and David Walliams is such a lovely natured person and I love him to bits.. Now I’m slightly confused as to the nature of this question? Haha looks wise I’d go for David 😉 x

Q Chinese or Indian?

A Another hard one! I’d have to saaay Indian! Chicken tikka is my favourite dish along with poppadoms nann bread, mango chutney and spiced onions hehe

Lucy Kay loves Indian food

Good choice, my fav too! Once agin thanks to Lucy and her mum. I have left her answers absolutely true to how she sent them.

I went to the concert and it was truly amazing. Good luck with your career Lucy. Hope to see you next year.

Her brand new shiny album is out NOW and you can get it HERE



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