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The First Lady of Lytham…Rotary. Sounds good?
Well maybe not? I was taught in my very early days as a journalist that you did not use the titles “Ladies” or “Gentlemen” unless were referring to titled people or public conveniences!

(N.B. Penned by Joy herself, after all she is a journalist!!)

So I prefer to be currently the ‘only WOMAN’ in Lytham Rotary’, but, hopefully, that is about to change. Now I have broken the glass ceiling here, I hope to be joined by others who simply want to put something back into the community, whether it be our own community here in Lytham, the wider Fylde, Lancashire, Great Britain or internationally.

Because when you join Rotary the world it literally your oyster.

It gives you the opportunity to get involved in projects all over the world — helping with the End Polio National Immunisation Day in India;

end polio Rotary Club

Rolling out the Barrel, bringing clean water to African countries;

water project Rotary Club

Delivering food or education packages to deprived areas in other Third World countries — the opportunities are endless.

education rotary club

But if you, like me, are not quite that adventurous you can still make a difference here in the UK and, be it work or holiday, you can find friends and like-minded people in Rotary Clubs wherever you visit at home or abroad.

Rotary has been helping me for over nigh on 60 years, when my Rotarian Headmaster at Montgomery School in Bispham, was asked to recommend a school leaver for a job as hotel receptionist. The hotelier was President of his Rotary and they met at the hotel.

When I went into journalism the majority of my bosses were Rotarians — all men of course, because women have only been able to join since 1989. It is a misconception by many that Rotary is still solely for male businessmen — that has resulted in many clubs finding it difficult to recruit women.

But I have news for you — Lytham Rotary WELCOMES women and, whilst I have to admit I enjoy being among 40 men every week, it would be great to have some more female company.

Women bring a new dimension to a Rotary Club for, while glass ceilings are being broken, there are still many parts of the world where women are second class citizens and struggle to get help with many aspects of life that we take for granted – childbirth, menstruation, running water and hygienic sanitation.

If you would like to help and have fun doing it — whether you are male or female — why not find us @lythamrotary on Facebook. Message me through there and I would be happy to meet and tell you more.

Lytham Rotary …closer to home projects include the Young Technology Competition in Lytham schools, some great new projects in the planning and the Steam Rally at Lytham HERE

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