Stairway to Happiness

staircase to happiness emma ball

There is SO much recently, in the papers, Social Media and there are lots of Celebrities talking openly about mental health & it’s symptoms. We applaud the openness & for demystifying the subject, but what it does unfortunately highlight, is that a great deal of people are in need of support, and it seems apparent that the NHS just cannot cope with the numbers. Reports are of 9 -12 months waiting lists for counselling (at best), which could be too late in some cases, and the cost of private counselling is just too expensive for some. There does also seem an over reliance on drugs prescribed by GP’s. There HAS to be a fresh look at the ‘system’. Some self-help might be right for you, or at least be a start?

One Little Step

I had read a couple of things on Facebook about Emma, this extraordinary young lady who took it upon herself to pen & publish her own book, well I was intrigued to find out more!

I met Emma on a Monday Morning in a Lytham café an hour before her shift, I had been there a week prior to the Book Launch for her self-help book ‘Stairway to Happiness’ but that night was so busy I only had chance to say Hello & Congratulations.

Here is her story,

Emma, a young mother has struggled through many, many mental health issues she realises now, since the age of 5 these included grieving and loss, eating disorders, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), PND (Post Natal Depression) severe anxiety and severe depression. Culminating in not one but several breakdowns and constant suicidal thoughts.

In her deepest darkest moments, when she had the least clarity & capacity for making any sense of anything, she just knew she HAD to find her OWN way to manage her thoughts and feelings and if not just for herself but for her young daughter.

In doing this she found a purpose and a goal, only a very small purpose and teeny tiny goal, hourly, daily, weekly, it took some time but  that built into BIGGER purposes and Goals, which ultimately was to share her techniques for inner peace and happiness with anyone who needed it.

It has takes numerous years to get to where she is today and over a year to bring her workbook to life.

But, what IS fantastic, is, she DID IT!

Emma Ball Stairway to Happiness

Write it down

It may sound simplistic, but that’s the start.  Coming from the authentic place of being there herself, Emma’s worksheets break everything down to the most basic form to help you make simple goals, then when achieved gives you the confidence, to take one step more, then one more…………. until you are off and running towards where you personally want to be.

The book, including worksheets is available via the website

stairway to happiness

Get Active

Part of the healing process is physical, and Emma takes Health Walks meeting at Lytham Windmill, so you need never walk alone! As Emma is SO busy at the moment, she intends to start a regular schedule in the New Year. Please check on Facebook page for any changes though (see links)

Additional Support

All queries via the Contact form on her website or message on Facebook page will never go unanswered

The Future

Emma’s next goal is to engage with Health Care/Support professionals and ultimately the NHS & Mental Health Organisations,  if you can help her realise this goal to provide self help to anyone who needs it, or let her have a contact name * number, please get in touch with Emma. A children’s version of the book is also on the cards.

In an ideal world, Stairway would be a registered charity or organisation, then she could rent premises for people to drop in and feel listened to, understood and most of all supported.  Even without the registration,  I have a very strong feeling that  Emma will make this happen!!

We wish Emma all the luck in the world, although I’m sure she doesn’t need it and cant wait to catch up with her in the future.



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