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I first met Annette about 5 years ago and attended one of her Change Your Mind, Change your Life Workshops…..and yes it did! She blew me away with her view on life and positivity, I then went on to some one to one sessions that were equally inspirational.

She has a LONG list of qualifications & Diplomas, including being qualified as the ONLY licensed practitioner of Hypnotension (How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally) in the North West (at time of writing) and Hypnotherapy Coaching & Supervision

Annette is a pioneer for positive living!

Annette says

I love my job, as I feel I have the best job in the world, helping people to unleash their potentials for successful outcomes in life whether that be in their personal or professional life or the holistic whole. I have a suite of therapies to choose from.


Annette as Lytham Therapies treats and helps clients for all sorts of issues, one of the main issues is Anxiety, here she is on one of her YouTube videos


Other subjects that Annette can help with are  IBS-Stop Smoking-Phobias-High Blood Pressure-Weight Loss or Eating Disorders-Pain Management-Chocolate Cravings-Alcohol-and numerous other issues. Plus Confidence and Life Coaching.

She offers a free 30 minute consultation on most therapies , so what do you have to loose!!


Since writing this in 2015 Annette has gone on to greater heights, by setting up of Annette Brown School of Hypnotherapy, Coaching & NLP and with one successful run with 6 new hypnotherapists/NLP & Life Coaches graduating, one run in process and one due to start in April 2018.

Annette also was asked to advise and ultimately appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show to help a lady who was a 60 per day smoker …..yes of course she stopped her!

She has recorded a series of MP3 self help downloads in a multitude of subjects to try some self help.  Finally, as if that wasn’t enough has written a ‘Success Journal’ which will be published very soon

If you are interested in anything Annette is offering please call 01253 969695 and/or check out


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