Faded Beauty

We are rightly proud of our Old Lady, but she is well overdue a bit of pampering, well she has been around in her current state since the mid 18th Century, built between 1757-1764.


The Hall built in a Palladian Style which is a European style of architecture derived from and inspired by the designs of the Venetian architect Andrea Palladio (1508–1580) is a Grade I building plus many of the structures in the grounds are Grade II including the Gatehouse, a large stable block, a large dovecote and the inner gates. Designed by a Yorkshire Architect John Carr who was one of the most prolific at that time and designed many public, private buildings, churches and bridges.

lytham hall painting

This stunning work of art is by local artist Jayne Stevenson who has a gallery in Lytham  inspirationsgallery.co.uk/



A great deal of restoration is taking place at the Hall and the grounds by Heritage North West and a fantastic band of volunteers. Although the Hall is Georgian it is built over an earlier Jacobean site and there has also been a find of Roman Coins on the site too.

Over the years there have been no less than 20 layers of paint.  Paint expert  Nigel Leaney has identified the original paint that John Carr would have used, which is ochre and is a big change from the white that has been on show during the 20th century, giving it more of a warm, sandstone look.

The painting is being undertaken local tradesman Paul Wilkinson of Lytham and the repair scheme is under the direction of Austin Grady, the Trust’s Building Manager, and Purcell architects.

north porch restoration at Lytham Hall