If you know Izzy or have met her, you will know she is one crazy lady and what’s more, in charge of a Prosecco Van (dream job I’d say)! Anyway here is her first Guest Blog……more to come!!

Izzy Lytham Fizz Prosecco Van


…..is almost here..and we are already thinking about stuffing that 3rd mince pie of the day, down our throats before the guilt settles in.. The wonderful thing about Winter and Christmas is we all fall into the same, simple and fun routines – or as we like to brand it ‘Tradition’

However this year, why not Pimp up your Christmas, try something a little different – and by that I don’t mean glam up with a new red dress for the Christmas party instead of the ever reliable black frock..but you could!

I mean PIMP up your party, PIMP up your nights out and In, PIMP up your Christmas toast drink…PIMP your Fizz!

Essential Research

By no means am I suggesting I am some sort of fizz, gin, vodka.. connoisoir.  BUT I have drank a lot, and not in a way that I need to go to my local AA group every Wednesday night..(are you sure about that Izzy?)

In the ‘booze’ business it is vital you try your products, it opens up you mind to ideas of fresh events, different drinks, and new fun and exciting businesses. If it wasn’t for my love of drinking Prosecco, I would have never come up with the idea and started my little Prosecco Van – Lytham Fizz Co..

I enjoy nothing more than going out, speaking to new people (AKA Talking to strangers waiting in the toilet queue) discussing ideas and trying new things (AKA Drinking a mixture of random shots & the next day wondering why you have green spills down your dress), all of these things help my business grown and help us move with the times

The craft market today for gins, vodkas and rums (not to mention beers) is unbelievable, seriously, it is fantastic! A few weeks ago I took part in a great evening at Barrique (Thank you Jake!), having a great time at their gin tasting event and making new friends. It was wonderful, I tried gins I had already tasted – but with different flavoured and/or branded mixer, and I tasted new gins that I had never even heard of..

Be Adventurous

If you like a bit of adventure, and your up for trying new things – don’t make your new years resolution ‘try sky diving’, ‘Loose a silly and impossible amount of weight’ or  ‘Make your own pasta’…get out there and try what is on your door step – something you can do alone, or socializing with friends or family..give your palate a new taste sensation..and enjoy the indulgence of an alcoholic drink at the same time!

So after being inspired by the gin tasting, and as it is Christmas time, I thought the best simple and enjoyable fizz cocktail I can feature this month has to be….*Drum role please…*

The Sloegasm

There are some awesome ranges of sloe gin out there, you don’t have to go anywhere special to pick a bottle up.. Its not too expensive, and you can buy decent bottles from £12, to the more special and craft gins between £20 and £35. I personally enjoy a Sipsmiths Sloe gin.

Lytham Fizz Cocktails Sloegasm

They distil their award-winning London Dry Gin in copper stills. Then they leave it to rest on wild sloe berries, that they hand-picked in the autumn. The result is a truly handmade sloe gin that is subtle, complex and bursting with flavour…And I LOVE it!

For the Prosecco, well there is so much choice! Naturally I will be biased and say our Prosecco is the best..however, there is such a great choice and price massively varies dependent on where you choose to shop. If I am truly honest, I think the Aldi Prosecco is great – it’s a great medium dry, with a few subtle notes of sweetness and fruity-ness..perfect for this fizz cocktail..

So, I will stop rambling on about how we should all drink, and try new things, and eventually one day all meet again in that already mentioned AA group..

Here is how to make

A damn fine winter-perfect-fizz-cocktail

In a champagne flute add;

15-20ml Sloe Gin (those who like a more bitter drink will want a little extra)

150ml Chilled Prosecco

Gently stir

Thick slice of orange

Sit back and enjoy your Sloegasmic experience ……Oh and Cheers

Lytham Fizz Cocktails sloegasm

Lots of Love & Merry Christmas


Lytham Fizz Co